The Average Price of Moving Companies in the United States

Lease close to expiration? Want to move and start anew in a different city? Time to leave the nest and become independent? You could either hire professional movers or do the entire moving by yourself and with friends. The latter sounds a bit more appealing since you won’t spend a small fortune, just a few snacks and gas for the car then it’s alright, but the former is a lot more practical in the long run since they know how to handle everything. The average price of moving company depends on dozens of factors, but below might give you an idea.


Average Cost for Full Moving Services

Those that are moving locally or just across town, it’s crucial to get an idea on how average price of moving companies go. Nothing is worse than an unpleasant surprise in terms or prices and payments. Overall, the cost of moving within the local area heavily depends on the exact locations. In general, local moving companies charge based on the hour, regardless of the relevant activity they’re doing; whether they’re packing items, carrying all sorts of items outside the house, loading everything on the vehicle, driving to the new location, unboxing the items and carrying all the furniture and appliances to the new home.

If you’re not fully aware of what the ‘travel fee’ is, basically it’s a fee comprised of the time and fuel required to get your belongings to the new location; it’s usually equivalent to an hour of their time. Local moves have an average price of $25 an hour for every mover. Though this price can definitely go higher because of factors like the location and the kind of house; a bigger house will need more movers to work on it.

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