Botox Training!

As she looked into the mirror, a frown fell upon her beautiful face. She brushed her fingers against her cheeks, trying to hide the slightest trace of wrinkles that were beginning to appear; as though her fingers would cause them to disappear. As she saw the effects of ageing on her face, a feeling of anguish burned inside her and all she wanted was to make those spots go away. After all, in a few more years her skin would not remain as taut as it currently was. She was never among those who believed in ageing gracefully; in fact she championed the cause of defying age and looking as young and petite as a 20 year old. And yet, here she stood, unable to prevent the years from flying by and causing her to lose the look she adored so much.

Except that she did have a choice. She could opt for the path that many women have chosen in the past; a path that was a product of brilliance in the field of medicine and plastic surgery. Known to be among the simpler procedures involved in the attempt to preserve one’s youth, botox has become a household name among women now.

It is a known fact that a person’s physical appearance plays a pivotal role in the formation of an impression about that person. First impressions are known to be the last impressions and in such a world, most people nurse complexes about themselves. They would go to any lengths to paint a picture of themselves that the world would like to see. Of course, cosmetic reconstruction is also common in cases of untoward incidents like accidents. In such cases too, it is absolutely critical to restore the self-confidence of the individual. After all, cosmetic treatment is all about making oneself feel good!


Aesthetic medicine is an area that deals exclusively with treatment that contributes to cosmetic changes and enhancements. It also deals with scars, wrinkles, excess fat, cellulite and many other unwanted things that are deemed as unattractive by the society. While many procedures in plastic surgery are complicated and time-consuming, there do exist a few simpler ones. One solution for wrinkles, called botulinum toxin or botox, is used by many these days. It prevents the development of wrinkles and paralyzes the muscles on one’s face. It typically takes upto 3 to 5 days for the results to show colour; however the full effect is witnessed after 2 weeks. It is generally injected into the facial muscles and its effect can last for two to three months. However some adverse side effects that one may witness are inappropriate facial expressions, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision, allergies, etc. But if done correctly, it can help make the skin look taut and firm, thus giving a fresher, rejuvenated look to an aged face.

As mentioned, it is imperative for a well trained professional to carry out this procedure. There are many botox training centers which provide top-notch services and they have carefully laid out course plans which cover the following objectives:

  • Patient assessment and consultation for the botox treatment.
  • A thorough study of anatomy, musculature, neurology and circulatory system of the oral and facial parts of a human.
  • A careful assessment of the best strategy to be adopted for each patient according his/her facial structure.
  • Reviewing the sterile technique since the procedure involves injection of botox.
  • Learning about safety and the risks involved in the procedure.
  • Understanding the physiological significance and effects of facial injection treatments.
  • Understanding the marriage of botox and dermal filler therapy as a combined therapeutic treatment.
  • Mastering the art of obtaining smooth, well defined lip lines, with proper smile lines. This also involves lip enhancement techniques which are subtle, yet beautiful.
  • Knowledge of side effects and complications and how to avoid them.
  • The opportunity to observe and practice hands-on with model patients, under the strict guidance of experts.


Botox training North East of the United Kingdom, is carried out by reputed centers like Cosmetic Training. This center is climbing the ladders of popularity over the past five years and it offers a multitude of courses on dermal fillers and botox. Covering both theory and practice, it ensures that the enrolled student walks out with the ability to practice in his/her clinic.

While it may look easy to inject botox, it is far from the truth. A practitioner practically holds a person’s confidence in his hands when he is about to perform the procedure and the outcome can either lift a person’s self-image or completely shatter it. In such a situation, training plays a critical role which is why nobody should be tempted to attempt such procedures without the requisite experience. After all, when it comes to dabbling with someone’s image about themselves, it is best to leave the work to the adept hands of the experts, right?

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