How to use Wapwon App for Android

Wapwon Video Download for Android is an app to use if you want to save the YouTube videos or to add the video into your collection.  The app has the send intent entry within the YouTube application on the android device and it rips the video to be MP4 on the SD card. IMG_03741

To use the app, you should

  • Open a YouTube application
  • Search for the video you want to watch on the YouTube
  • Press at the menu so that it can pop up and then press at Share
  • Choose the Wapwon App.
  • When the Wapwon App pop ups, you should press at Rip It.
  • It can start to download the video to the download folder or on the SD cardFotor0130183712

The applications will not work if you have opened the YouTube account so you should log out before you may attempt to do the downloading. The app can be downloaded from application thread.

Free Wapwon app’s features

Wapwon App is an effective and also a small app that can help to download the video faster without any problem. Even if the design is plain, there are no many features of this app but the app is capable to give you what you want and when you want it.

  • The app is faster and it does not have any delay. The downloads, regardless of the output format, the quality of the video will be preserved
  • It is easy to use the application since it is straightforward especially since it has uncomplicated design. The large window with less number of the buttons makes it easy to download the video and everything is found with one window and this means that there is no confusion any more.
  • The app does offer the helpful online guide and this includes the photos with the description and also an active forum which you may use in asking the question on the app.

It’s Time To Use Your Smartphone To Watch Movies

There are not a lot of people that you will come across who will confess that they don’t enjoy watching movies. Movies is something that everyone enjoys watching and although there are a number of ways you can watch movies on a regular basis people end up not managing to watch even one movie.


If you are craving to watch movies on a regular basis but you do not know what method to choose in order to ensure you manage to stay updated with the latest movies that have released, you need to download the Movie Box app today. There are a number of benefits that this app has to offer. To begin with this app is free to download and you can download it on all leading Android, iOS and Windows smartphones. This enables you to watch movies no matter where you are and whenever you want to.

Moviebox is a free app to download and you can watch the movies without having to pay any money. Although this app is free, the movies are break free and advertisement free and this is something that will enhance your movie experience. You will never have pop ups of ads that will come up in between the movie and you will manage to enjoy the movie in one go.

While people choose to record movies on the television, these movies are usually recorded with a lot of interruptions and breaks and it becomes boring to catch up with such a movie. When you watch movies on movie box you get an uninterrupted movie experience in high quality. Movie box does not consume too much of your mobile data Internet in order to watch movies, however if you want to save on your mobile data you can choose to buffer the movies while you are on a Wifi connection and watch the movies on offline mode.

Here’s Why You Should Spy Your Partner’s Snapchat

If you’ve been wondering how to hack someone’s snapchat, all you need is the snapchat spy and you’re set to go. This hack is one of the most efficient hacks that enable you to get into someone’s phone and check out their detailed snapchat history with the people they have been interacting with. While there are a number of hacks available, this is the only hack that enables you to check these details through a web based application. This makes it more convenient, effective and helpful. One of the best things about this hack is that you no longer need to depend on a third person in order to get all the details about the person you want to spy on. This hack it all you need. snapchat-hacking-tool-on-iphone

Although most people consider spying as an invasion of privacy, there are times when spying on someone becomes very important. With the introduction to the various kinds of apps that help you to connect with your loved ones no matter where they are, communication has become a lot more effective, however it is because of these new techniques of communication that cheating has become a lot easier. Finding a loyal partner is tough and if you are in doubt about whether or not your partner is loyal to you, hacking their snapchat can get you a lot of details that you would never know about them. This hack helps clear the air and also helps you to decide whether or not the relationship is worth taking ahead.2014-06-23_3-57-11-300x191

If you are really looking to get behind the head of your partner and see if they are cheating then you need to know what they are doing behind your back. No partner ever admits to cheating or being attracted to someone else. Confronting your partner on the basis of doubt is also not a very smart thing to do. The best thing to do is get into the chat room that your partner frequents. While there are no old chat rooms like the old days, snapchat has turned into an exclusive chat room. If you are able to see what your partner does on their snapchat account you will know exactly how they have been cheating on you. You will get to see the kind of pictures that have been shared on snapchat and with whom they have been shared.

You should also check if the pictures were sent by mistake to a wrong contact so that there is no misunderstanding in your head. Snapchat has become the devil’s playground as far as infidelity is concerned. It is the safest way to consider your options before you opt for a partner. Checking the snapchat account of your partner will give you an idea of the way they think. You should also keep in mind that if the snapchat account is clean you should not be too happy. Your partner may have been clever enough to delete all the evidence. Catch them unawares next time.

Here’s Why People Can’t Stop Playing Color Switch

There are a number of games you can download on your Smartphone these days, however not all the games will manage to impress you and while some games will just sit on your phone and take up space, there are a few that you will enjoy playing. Color switch is a very popular game that has been ranked the number one game on the Android platform. If you haven’t already tried this game you need to download the game and checkout how interesting and fun it is to play.


Unlike most games that make you destroy things or get violent, this is an interactive game that puts your mind to work. It makes you focus on the game and use your mind in order to get the ball through the right color. This game is very simple to look at, however it is not that easy to play.  People who are great with most other games usually end up staying stuck on the first level of color switch mainly because all the other games do not require you to focus as much. If you want to get your brain some much needed exercise and you want to play a game that can help your mind concentrate and focus better, this is a great game to play. Although it is a game that is good for your mind, it is not boring. This is a highly additive game that people enjoy playing for hours on end.


One of the advantages of color switch is that it is known to sharpen the mind as well as the reflexes. With color switch people tend to become better at things in their personal and professional life as well. Color switch is known to make the brain a lot more alert and people tend to react better in real life situations due to this game. With this game their reflexes get better and this makes them a lot more confident in life. The leader board of color switch is said to be one of the most challenging leader boards among all games.


When someone tops the leader board of some other game it could be due to a hack or purchasing something that gets them higher up the rankings. However with color switch it is only pure talent and skill that gets you higher up the leader board. When gamers see someone on top of the rankings in this game they accept the fact that someone else is better than them at this game. This motivates them to beat the other gamer and move to the top of the leader board. The sense of satisfaction with this game is better than any other game.

Color switch not only enhances your gaming skills it enhances your mental skills that help you in your personal as well as your work life. The game is beneficial on more than one level and the popularity of the game will continue soaring in the months to come.

How To Use Whatsapp Plus Without Getting Banned?

WhatsApp as of today remains to be the best used and widely popular instant messaging app that is used by everyone globally. Recently owned by Mark Zuckerberg, it works simultaneously with WhatsApp and has got few improved features in its package. The service is popular because of the simple interface, user-friendly navigation where it won’t ask you to signup with any emails or where you don’t have to search people and add/follow in order to connect to them. It is also best known because of the privacy and limited conversation services where one can only converse with other when they have the contact number of other person in their address book. It is no rocket science that can’t be realized.

However, it’s the market and the trading app which make an app, an exclusive one! The number of features it offers and the number of unique functions it has is how it gets popular among the crowd. Because of the simplicity, it offers the WhatsApp compromises on the features it offers. Though the users want more from the app, the developers are not giving them what people need for a while.


For example, sending larger files are not possible with WhatsApp and the recent “Hide Status” option has been launched after a long term. But, one can’t find anything which is extraordinary or tempting like the WeChat, Viber To compensate the lack of the wow factors, a modded version of WhatsApp has been launched in 2012 under the name, “WhatsApp Plus”. To use WhatsApp Plus one has to uninstall the original version and then install this to get hold of the additional features it offers.

WhatsApp Plus download is easy as the app is available on the Play store. Despite the popularity of the app, the original version of WhatsApp is not going well recently as many people have started uninstalling the real version and started installing WhatsApp Plus lately. That’s why the owners of WhatsApp have decided to put a total 24-hour ban on the WhatsApp as soon as it is installed.  To bypass the inconvenience, the developers now developed another APK file. Yes, it is still not legal to use WhatsApp+ as the owners of WhatsApp has not confirmed the link between these both and it is not advised to use any non-legit apps and endorsing them is equally a crime.


Therefore, it is advised to follow discretion from the user’s end in case if they’re looking forward to downloading them app and use WhatsApp Plus without getting banned. The first step involves launching your WhatsApp and then backing the chats that are already existing. After that, uninstall the app through app manager and download the 6.76 version of WhatsApp+. You can either find it on Playstore or any third party sources that you can surf through the internet. Enter your phone number and get access. Restore the conversations that are backed up. Make sure that you make a clean download and don’t give into any rogue apps while searching for the APK file of the latest version.

Movietube.Co App- The One-Stop Solution For Movie Addicts.

With the onset of the internet we have switched from television to the desktop mode. The ways of communication and entertainment have changed. The dawn of the smartphone age has hastened this process. It has almost become ubiquitous that we view serials, commercials, videos and films on our smartphones through internet. This is primarily done via various softwares which are popularly known as apps. Many such film viewing softwares are out in the market. MovieTube is one such app. This an app streaming full length videos on Youtube for as long as 20 minutes. It is available on both androids and iOS. Thus it can run on your android smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, ipads, iphone, Mac etc. App is one of the foremost video streaming app which offers you videos in 32 different languages and 16different genres. The chief developer of the App is Troan Trinh. It classifies videos into different categories, according to trends and recent releases. This app is easily available in GooglePlay. However the official website to download this app is


How to operate the App?

People who desire for a one stop location to screen movies and videos, this is a dream heaven. It is an entertainment catalogue comprising of all Youtube films and thus it helps you to screen your favourite movies on a go. You don’t have to search for movies like you do in Youtube. The app will automatically suggest most recent movies when you open it. You can use different filters like your desired genre (comedy, romcom, sci-fi etc) or languages to narrow down your search.

When you select the globe icon on the App, it will display various languages. Select the appropriate language and you will get choices accordingly. A click at the bottom menu on this app will open up a Pandora’s Box of different genres for you like drama, comedy, action, classics, documentary and others.

A click on the video thumbnails will open up the information about that video. When you click on the “watch this movie “ button the video will open Youtube or your web browser.

Features of the App.

It offers full length movie from all over the globe. Hollywood, Bollywood, European, World Movies, Local all can be found. It is a free public sharing platform. It only showcases movies that are publically available. Hence there are no discomfiture about its legal veracity.

Not only full length but it also features promotional clips, trailers and reviews of movies, short-films, feature films, documentaries etc. It constantly updates its collection. So there is no chance of missing out on the latest thing. You can view recent additions just by searching the “Recent Release Section”. Like all other portals this also function by the common jargon rule. Your recommendation will be based on your browsing history. It will automatically recommend similar types of movies which you have seen or you are currently viewing.

Similar to online retail apps where you add your favourite items to wish list , here you have a  folder marked “favourite”. You can add your favourite movies to this folder and go back to them later. Or you keep track all your movies which you want to visualize later. This is some kind of a user playlist.

The most enthralling feature of this app is its range of old classic movies. It has a wide range classics from the by-gone era of 70’s and 80’s. Hence, it’s a dream heaven of entertainment for old school people.

Advantages & Drawbacks of MovieTube

The listicles of advantages are short, practical and decisive.

  • Movie in 32 different languages and 16 different genres makes it a versatile venture.
  • Easy to handle and easy lay out makes it quite amicable to users.
  • Availability in all platforms and compatibility with all kinds of devices makes it a sustainable option.
  • Easily accessible & free of charge.
  • Automatic updates, daily recommendations, movie information page and the availability of short films, feature films, documentaries are an added bonus

 However, there remains certain shortcomings.

  • There is no restrictions or age limits for viewing. Anyone can watch videos.
  • There isn’t any censorship of videos like pornography or excessive violence. These might render it unsuitable for the younger section of the audience,


Latest Version of the app.

The latest version of the MovieTube 4.4. In the previous version there were some problems in streaming HD movies and 1080p movies so this version was launched. it is an improved version with 18 different genres.

All in all, App is the go to app for all movie-addicts

Download Free Movies and TV shows On Android Device Using Show Box

Have you ever desired a moment where you could be more personal with your Android device? There are tons of Android devices which have come up with features that guarantee a more personalized user experience. The most discouraging thing about these apps is that they are not for free. However, there is good news for those who love watching movies and TV shows with the introduction of Show Box app.

Show Box is one of the greatest app released for Android users that enable them to have a more personalised relationship with their devices. The app allows you to stream and download movies and TV shows for free in HD. It is branded as a modern revolution in movie and TV shows streaming which enables one to watch both of them side by side anytime and anywhere at his or her convenience.

Features of Show Box

• It is entirely free.

• It is non- restrictive. You do not need to login or create any account to gain access to movies and TV shows.

• One can easily filter the search results based on their preferences.

• One can create a favourite list in the app which has a separate download folder for easier tracking.

• Constant updates to keep users on track with recent movies and Tv shows.

Downloading the Show Box App

Show Box application is not available in the play store, but you can download it aside.

1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Security > Then turn on the “Unknown Sources” which allows for easier installation of non-market applications.

2. You can then go to any browser then click on the link; ShowBox.APK.file

3. Once the download process is complete, you can open the application and run it.

4. After installation is complete, you are now in for full entertainment from your favourite movies and Tv shows.

You will definitely love this app as you catch on up on the great movies and tv shows you missed in theatres for free.