Duxtop – 9100MC 1800W – The Portable Induction Stove that Reviews Prefer

In the past few years, portable induction stove have steadily increased in popularity mainly due to the benefits that they provide. Compared to its gas and electric counterparts, portable induction stoves are energy efficient. With these products, the heat is directly generated on the pot or pan with an induction process, hence heat is transferred to the food at a quicker pace. Since portable induction stoves are energy efficient, power bills are reduced and minimal heat is created in the kitchen space; you won’t sweat while cooking which is a huge plus.

Duxtop – 9100MC 1800W


Featuring 15 amps, 120 volts of electricity, the Duxtop – 9100MC 1800Wis compact and lightweight which makes fore easier storage and handling. Overall, this model comes with 15 ranges of temperature beginning at a hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to four hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit. It also features a digital control panel alongside a countdown timer that reaches 170 minutes. Almost anything and everything could be cooked on this portable induction stove from melted butter to steak and delicious pancakes. A few cons would be that it doesn’t offer extended programming and temperature increments of ten degrees; even so, these features are not that crucial in cooking thus it won’t be that big of a disadvantage. Below are some of the key features:

  • Fifteen temperature ranges for all sorts of cooking.
  • User-friendly and innovative design.
  • Compatible with all sorts of induction cookware like stainless steel, enameled steel and iron and cast iron.
  • Countdown digital timer with one minute increments that could be programmed to a maximum of 170 minutes.

  • Warning system for high and low voltage.
  • The cord measures at five feet which is more than enough.
  • The product, when purchased at Amazon, comes with a one year warranty.
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