How To Get A Big Butt!

With summer fast approaching, everyone is getting ready for their summer vacations! And you know what that means: beaches, nights out with friends, the works! It will also mean dealing with the heat through wearing shorts and bikinis, and you obviously would want that dream body of yours to match those outfits now, wouldn’t you? Especially in your bottom area! Nowadays, girls aspire to have big and perky butts to show off in the beach, and that calls for major lifestyle changes in order to get it!

Tip Number 1: Take It Slow!

You’ll be seeing fad diets and intense workout routines that are way too intense for beginners, and it usually ends up with people easily giving up because of it! But instead of following these extreme plans, you can actually make your own routine and start taking it slow. Make small changes a day, and start increasing it bit by bit, not going too fast, but not going too slow either. Moderation is key. That way, you won’t give up and your habits will start to form, making you healthier and a better person.

How To Get A Big Butt?

So, how to get a big butt? It’s not exactly easy, but it isn’t hard to do either! Here are some simple tips you should follow:


  1. Diet

Your diet should not consist of just carrot sticks and celery! Make it colorful and add in fruit smoothies, chicken breast for protein, and a lot of healthier options that can replace the usual junk or sweets you are most likely to consume. Also, make sure you stay hydrated by having an intake of 8 glasses of water or any healthy fluids a day.

  1. Exercise

It’s best to start strength training and adding in a bit of intense cardio around 5 times a week, 20 minutes a day. Incorporate walks on high incline to get that heart racing, or do some bodyweight moves like squats and bridges to work those glutes!

  1. Rest

Rest is extremely important. Sleep the recommended amount of hours, and also make sure that you have your rest days from especially intense workouts.

  1. Motivation

Of course, you must have the positive attitude to keep moving forward, and that means having the willpower and determination to stick to your healthy habits no matter what!


  1. Wear the right clothes

While you’re still making these changes, you can still be able to achieve that big butt by wearing the right clothes, such as jeans that accentuate your glutes, and nice fitting tops that can make your waist smaller and your butt look bigger.


While these tips aren’t the easiest to follow, they most certainly can be done. We won’t promise that you’ll have that big butt in a day, but in due time, you’ll be able to achieve that dream body of yours and work it as you head on to the beach in confidence and style. What are you waiting for? Get cracking and start making changes today!

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