How To Get My Second Card

Steps to apply for My Second Card from First Premier Bank

  • Customers who have an excellent credit history with First Premier Bank can apply for My second card.
  • Enter the confirmation number received via mail
  • First Premier Bank customers who have one single credit card having an excellent history & who meet certain standards qualify for this program & eligible to receive second credit card.


The following reasons insecure the qualification for premier master card

  • Apply by expiration date given in the letter
  • Name, security number & date of birth that matched the information on the record
  • Not opened an account in last 13 months
  • Minimum annual income at least $10,000
  • Sufficient income to meet obligations

As a method of payment, a card is issued to users (cardholders) is called credit card. Based on holder’s promise, it allows the cardholder to pay for goods & services. Getting a credit card without being responsible can be disastrous for your credit. Charge only what you can afford & pay the bill every month without being reminded.

Where to get a credit card

  • Bank: If the account has been handled responsibly then it can improve the chances of getting a credit card application getting approved. It can be applied online.
  • Retail or department: These stores have easy credit card approvals. The drawback of this card is they have high interest rates & they aren’t versatile.
  • Secured credit card: In this case, if the payments are not made as agreed, the bank holds the deposit.

For good credit health making on time payments & maintaining credit card utilization rate under 30% is a smart move.


Do’s of getting a credit card

  • Based on your credit score, research cards
  • Read reviews
  • To start, choose a secured credit card
  • Consider your spending
  • Watch credit utilization rate

Don’t of getting a credit card

  • Miss a payment
  • To build credit carry over a balance
  • Apply multiple cards at once
  • Close other cards
  • Max out credit cards
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