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You might be wondering why the word ‘Manga’ is taking the entertainment-world by storm. Well now, it’s not just its native place that this art form has enchanted but the entire world is gradually becoming its follower! We bet you’ve heard the word at least once, and to hone your knowledge, take a dive here!

The word basically stands for comics written in a Japanese style that emerged during the mid-1900s. It is created by the union of Japanese ‘Man’,that is, ‘impromptu’ and ‘Ga’, that is, ‘pictures’ (in Japanese). All in all, the word stands for ‘whimsical pictures’.

Generally printed in black and white, these Japanese comics are available in a huge choice of genres, like comedy, fantasy, action, business/commerce, historical-drama, horror, mystery, romance, science-fiction, life, sexuality,adventure, sports, suspense and more, giving the readers a vast range to read from.

These comics are highly popular among readers of all ages and the artists or mangaka keep this in mind while creating something new. Therefore, these comics are created for boys, girls, youth and grown-ups. The form is not new, but has developed eventually, with some changes, from what it initially was when created by Hokusai during the 17th and 18th centuries.


He gave this art form the name ‘Manga’. However, it was many years later that this form gained attention- first during the late-19th century and the Meji period.These cartoons appeared in magazines and took about fifteen pages. They catered to boys and girls both. Later, during mid-20th century stepped the ‘God of Manga’. His name was Tezuka Osamu and to him, people give the credit of taking Manga to new heights and giving it a modern touch. Osamu contributed immensely by creating famous works like Shin Takarajima and TetsuwanAtom, which is popular even today as the kids’ favourite Astro Boy. The length of his works touched almost 180 pages and his efforts helped this art form get recognition today in the modern world. With the removal of bans, now people even had an access to such arts.

With time, these comics have spread all over the world, not being limited just to Japan. There are translations being worked all over! If the series become successful, they are animated and even television series are made, for example, today we have Dragon Ball Z, Astro Boy, Doraemon, Naruto, Pokemon. Yes, they are contributions of this art form!

Such a comic reads right to left and from up to down. The characters have oversized eyes for the very convenience in expression of emotions and small noses. This famous style employed here is called Moe style.

For kids these comics deal with lighter themes, fun and delightful characters and has a simple style. Here are some examples of such comics: Pokemon the adventures of little kids, trying to win badges and gathering Pokemons, while also giving the message of friendship, bravery, sportsmanship and teamwork. Then you have Dragonball, remember Goku and friends?  Furthermore, there is Doraemon, the cat from the 24th century, helping Nobita to work his way through problems.

The style of these Japanese comics evolve with respect to its targets. The comics for teenagers and youngsters are darker, realistic but still have a sense of justice. Even the characters are created to cater to the fantasies of the readers. Known teenage comics include Death Note, Bleach, One Piece, Full metal Alchemist, Berserk, Kindaichi Case Files.This form, however, is not to be confused with Anime, which in Japan is a revival of successful comics in animation.


The popularity of these comics has ever since been booming in Japan. A majority of published works in Japan consist of these comics and now more and more people are getting involved with this art form. The bookstores in Japan are stacked with these comics and even the people are completely addicted to them. The artists are respected for their ideas, style and endeavors. No doubt the respect for this art is immense in Japanese culture and lifestyle.

So now that you know about this form and what the world is going crazy after, expectation is that you are going to grab one of these comics soon. Go, you better hurry!

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