Learn More About My Subway Card

Subway is one of the most popular sandwich brands across the world. People love treating them to a subway not only because it is super tasty, but also because it is healthy and you have so many options that you can pick from. One of the highlights at macys insite is the Subway that accepts the subway card which gets you discounts on various subs that you purchase.

These cards are basically reward points for loyal customers who love eating at Subway. Each time they eat here they get a few points and after a while they can redeem these points for a free sub or a discount on their purchase. These cards resemble credit cards and they are very easy to use. There are various kinds of cards that you get, but the most popular ones are the Split one for two card. These cards can be split in between so you can share your reward with someone.subway-splash

Once you have had your favorite subway you get reward points on your subway card. You can check your points before ordering and the person at the subway counter will swipe your subway card and let you know. You can also check your points on every receipt that you are handed out from subway. You can also go online and check your subway card balance. Once you feel that you have sufficient points to redeem an exciting free gift you can go to your local subway store order the item you want and tell the cashier that you wish to pay with your subway card points. You can redeem a number of things depending on the number of points you have. The least points that you need to have is 10 points that will entitle you to a free cookie.

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