Meditation Techniques For Beginners To Rejuvenate The Conscience

Meditation History

Meditation was introduced to the people in United States early in the 20th century by Swami Vivekananda and this was popularized by Paramehansa Yogananda. It was improvised by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1960’s with his great influence among people to learn meditation. But the roots of meditation was found in 500 B.C. Buddha, “one of history’s major proponents of meditation,” ( and a major meditation icon. He was the introducer of meditation. There are various techniques of Meditation for different age group. The meditation techniques for beginners are different from the people who are experts in it.

Focused attention meditation

The first meditation techniques for beginners is to focus all the attention on a single object during the whole meditation session. The object may be your breath, a mantra, a visualization or a part of your body etc. As you develop a good practice your attention to the object gets stronger and any distraction cannot distract you. But to get to the advance level one need to do the sessions with all the dedication to develop the concentration.


Open monitoring meditation

The second meditation techniques for beginners is monitoring all the aspects that we have experienced without any judgement or attachment. All the different internal perceptions like thoughts, feelings memories etc. and also external perceptions like sound, smell, etc. are seen, recognized and felt as they are. Its about monitoring the content of experience of every moment without any reaction. The different types of monitoring meditation is Mindfulness meditation, Vipassana, as well as some types of Taoist Meditation.

Mantra Meditation

The third meditation techniques for beginners is the mantra meditation. The mantra is a syllable or word which usually has no particular meaning that is repeated constantly for the purpose of focusing on the mind. It is not an affirmation used to convince yourself of something. Some meditation experts say that choice and pronunciation of the words both should be correct. This is very important because the vibration of words is associated to the sound and meaning and for this reason the word should be chosen with great care. Few people say that the chosen words are completely irrelevant only the mantra is the tool to focus the mind on one thing. The japa is the more devotion oriented practice of mantras, it also consists of repeating sacred sound i.e the name of GOD with love.


Third Eye Meditation

The fourth meditation technique for beginners is the Third Eye Meditation which is about keeping all the focus and the attention on the spot which is between the eyebrows. This 3rd eye meditation revolves around this 6th center of consciousness –which is called as Agya Chakra. This Agya Chakra’ is considered as the center where our third eye resides. The attention to this point may redirect constantly due to the outside forces. You should keep your spine straight and then close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply for 3 times and now concentrate on the middle of the forehead around the area which is a few centimeters above the middle of your eyes.With the passing time and continuous efforts you can become an expert. There is no third eye present in our body but the experts say that simulating center of consciousness exist here.

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