All You Need To Know About Hcg Weight Loss And Hcg For Weight Loss Reviews

HCG is the short cut form of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is the hormone produced after implantation by Embryo. It’s a hormone found in the human body. The HCG hormone is generally found in pregnant women, it is also produced by the pituitary gland. Medical specialist Albert T. W. Simeons suggested that HCG can be used for the weight loss for weight loss. He conducted some studies on the pregnant woman on a calorie deficient diet and fatty boys with pituitary glands treated with the low dose of HCG and he founded thatboth pregnant women and fat boys lost weight fairly than the muscle tissue.  In his practicing in Italy he suggested daily HCG injections with low dose with the mixture of ultra-low calorie which is low fat diet, high protein and take 500 calories per day which is fat can be reduced more easily.

There are different kinds of fats that are stored i in the human body. These fats are necessary for not only to provide the nutrition and but also to protect the important parts of our body from injury. But most commonly excess fats are stored in areas around the stomach, thighs, hips, and similar areas. Earlier in the HCG diet program the calorie intake was mentioned to 500 calories per day which causes the serious health problems becausemost doctors now suggested the intake of 800 calories. With the use of HCG drops and injections, the essential fats which gives the nutrition and protection are left out and the extra fat is blocked by targeting. HCG diet consists of small portions of vegetables, fruits and proteins that are consumed at many times in the whole day. This diet enablesthe metabolism adjusts to the new system while the HCG continues burning of fat cells. Normally 1 to 2 pounds of weight per dayis reported to be lost by the HCG diet.

Despite the various claims of weight loss by HCG method, it is argued scientifically by several health agencies and nurtienrtians. The FDA(Food and Drug Administration) a health agency in the United States of America has given adenial that this weight reduction method uses the injection of HCG, a drug which has not been approved by the FDA as safe and effective. There is no proper evidence that HCG method increases weight loss other than that from the decrease of caloric intake.


The cost of these methods is also very steep. In the UK the injection is supplied for about £1200 for 30days and for the drops and the cost of one bottle is about£50.

The scientific consent that weight reduced given by the individual on the diet is commonly because these diet advice in take of 500 to 1000 per day which is less than the approved level for the young people,and may lead to cause many health problems such as malnutrition.The FDA said that the commodity which containing HCG is unproductive in the reduction of the weight. The HCG is not categorised as the homeopathic drugs and are considered as the illegal. HCG is categorised as the prescript drug in the United States of America. So they slowly started removing products of HCG from the market. In United kingdoms it is very unlawful to supply the injections without the prescription. And also HCG not treated for weight loss it is legally prescribed for treatment of fertility.

And some of them user and doctors HCG has many side effects which include the following

  • Blood clots and Infections
  • Prostate problems,Fertility problems and Lowering of natural hormones in the body in men and ovarian problems in women.
  • Kidney stones, Nutritional deficiencies.

Exhaustion and Lethargy:

  • Dizziness,Depression, Irritability, and Headaches
  • Unwanted hair growth
  • Male breast enlargement or Gynecomastia.
  • Diarrhoea and Constipation
  • Instead of spending a lot of money on unorthodox and unconfirmed methods of weight loss, it is better to follow traditional and time proven methods. They are less expensive and have scientific backing. They help in overall well-being and losing weight without any harmful side effects. And also there is no evidence that it reduces the hunger and discomforts concerned with the calorie restricted diets.


HCG weight loss review:

HCG is in the market from several years, but one doubt crosses our mind is whether it is safe or not? There are several HCG for weight loss reviews available in the main site of HCG. The fame of the HCG diet decreases year by year. During 2010 to 2013 the HCG diet became more famous but after all it slowly losses its plot when it comes to 2016. Nonetheless, it is still sold in the online despite the dominance of the scientific evidence that HCG has no effect on the weight loss which can be accomplished by the healthy life style.

Dr.Albert T.Simenos the British physician in 1950 used the HCG injections for the treatment of the people who has obesity problem. He proposed that the adding of the HCG to your reduced calorie diet will easily help the dieters stay on adherence (track), and reduce the hunger and encourage the weight loss.

The Dr.Albert T.Simenos protocol involved the every injections of 125 international units. 6 times per week for the overall of 40 injections. In daily 2 meals the diet supposed to be turn 500 calories.

Advertising of HCG:

HCG is found in online easily in different countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America. Many internet pages promoting these HCG product in the positive way which makes the people attract and it and giving the buyers some hope that it might works well.

The HCG uses false and misleading tactics to bring the people attention towards it by using several images on the different web pages. But it is better to note carefully that the advertise refers to HCG drops but not the HCG injections which would need to consulted by a doctor.

  • No doctor prescription is required to exploit that the HCG is not a poisonous pharmaceutical.
  • The word natural weight loss is used which is a tactic in order to reduce the fear of chemicals in customer.
  • The HCG marketers that you can lose 1 to 2 pounds that is nearly 0.5 to 1kg which in an impossible thing. But the fact is physiologically a human can never loss that much weight in the span of one day. It is used just to mislead the customers. Crash diets are there which causes many health problems.
  • HCG marketer’s claims that homeopathic HCG is very safe and do not gives any side effects to the body but the claim its effective is not true.
  • The HCG marketers also gives other false statement that the HCG is proven that it increases the energy level of the user. But it is not scientifically proven and there is no other evidence to prove it.
  • They claim falsely that without loss of the muscle HCG converts the fat in to nutrients. But the question is fat in to what nutrients.
  • They even provide the dumb statement that if the produce won’t work heart fully your money will be refunded and also 100 percent satisfactory.

In 2013 FTC (Federal trade commission) in United States of America came down on many of the HCG marketers for claiming the false strategies. The bad thing is that they sold their HCG product through the major retail outlets like Walgreens, Rite aid and GNC. This is mainly concentrating that as they were sold in the famous pharmacies people think that they are safe and have no side effects.

In the initial days of the 1970’s HCG diet started surface in referring the medical journals. Harper and Asher in 1973 after doing many research they show the positive result on the product but later they were criticized for the poor methodologies.

Canadian medical association general in 1983 produced the HCG weight loss review and it concluded the following facts:


HCG has no work or effect on the sense of hunger, body fat distribution, appetite, and fat mobilization. HCG has no proof or conformation that it reduces the body fat such quickly that resulting from chorionic restriction. There is no confirmation that it causes normal distribution or the attractive of fact. Side effects may also cause by using the HCG such as the irritability, depression, edema, gynecomastia, head ache, restlessness, fatigue, precocious puberty, pain at injection site.

A British journal of clinical pharmacy evaluated 16 controlled and 8 uncontrolled research reports and it concluded that the following points:

The quality of the product based on the 100 scale is just between the 16 to 73 points which is suggested the poor methodological quality. From the 12 students that scored 50 or more, just 1 is reported that the product is useful. HCG does not reduce the weight or fat redistribution and it also does not reduce the hunger.

Instead of spending a lot of money on unorthodox and unconfirmed methods of weight loss, it is better to follow traditional and time proven methods. They are less expensive and have scientific backing. They help in overall well-being and losing weight without any harmful side effects. And also there is no evidence that it reduces the hunger and discomforts concerned with the calorie restricted diets.

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