Next Level Gymnastics

Some of the most beautiful gymnastics routines are performed bars .There are three gymnastic bars, first one is uneven bars. Second is the horizontal bar and the last one is the parallel bars. Uneven bars are set of two bars set at different heights. The first one is normally set in such a way that it can be easily grabbed while the second bar is set a bit higher so that there are no accidents because of the bars while performing.


While performing on the bars, uneven bars or other, the gymnast is not allowed to land or touch the ground after the launch until their routine is finished. There are parallel bars, both the bars are set at equal heights and mostly male gymnasts performs on parallel bars. In the end is the horizontal – most simple looking and the hardest to score on, there is not much scope for creativity or experiments as if are just a single bar.

On the horizontal bar gymnast can do swinging, swirling, changing directions, hand stand and giants i.e. the revolution. The best score in the games of gymnastics is ‘10’ which can be more easily scored on the uneven bars than the parallel bars or horizontal bar. Other than bars there are other things such as still rings, balance bean and the floor practice. Gymnastics is a great game and has secured its place in the Olympics game since the beginning of the modern Olympics games itself.


When one can score good marks in these events. However, simplest of mistakes can ruin the score and performance as well. In 1960’s Olympics the first time participating Russian gymnast Olga Corbet lost her position in the games because of a simple mistake. While performing on uneven bars just after starting her performance she landed on the ground and started again. As I mentioned earlier there are no simple or small mistakes in the gymnastics, only mistakes which she paid for by not getting medal.

Escape Room Game: Best Way To Experience Gaming World From Video Games To Real Life

Playing and enjoying games are very much common among young generations. There are various sorts of genres of games liked by different people as per their taste. One such genre which is liked by many people is the adventurous games which are even brain teasing. You could only clear the game if you are able to solve the mysteries and work as a unit. Such games are truly interesting and fun. In simple terms, the genre of the game could also be a team building game. In this piece of writing, we are going to discuss on one of such game which is known as Escape room.

About escape room game

An escape room is nothing but a physical experience game in which players have secured a room and need to utilize components of the space to comprehend a progression of riddles and escape inside a set time limit. The amusements are physical adaptations of “escape the room” computer games. Amusements are set in an assortment of anecdotal areas, for example, jail cells, prisons and space stations, and are prominent as team building works out.

Escape room game in Singapore

If you are planning to arrange for a team building Singapore game like escape room and get the huge dosage of the game, then scan the internet for the best company which offers such sort of service. You will be guaranteed an aggregate fun experience as each themed room is created to close flawlessness to take you into a dreamland. There are some of the Best Escape Room in Singapore every bearing the stamp of artfulness emerging out of inventive visual creators, learned sound architects and free thinker riddle experts.


They guarantee you to give the most energizing break room! Valid in high measurements to take you into a dreamland and convey incessant fun. You get a drawing in experience through the inconspicuous combination of innovation, diversion, and inventiveness components. The rooms convey a fortifying vibe and motivating environment to showcase you the best of the gaming world. Innovation and creative ability trickle out from each pore of the premises to keep you snared for a considerable length of time!

What is there in the store for you?

The escape game and the Team Building Workshop certifications to have something in store for every single observing their tastes. Whether you like adventures or riddles, whether you adore mixing your brain enthusiastically or giving your minds some work – we have choices in abundance. On the off chance that adorableness is the thing that charms you the most, they have the diversion that takes you into an enamoring universe of teddy bears.

On the off chance that you are insane for action and missions, then there are Real Escape Room Game in Singapore which brings you high measurements of energy. In such games, you are tasked to spare the particular City by handling the threat postured by terrorists and their abhorrent outlines of planting a bomb in the various key places of the town. You and your team have a considerable measure to do, without a doubt!

Your basic leadership and out-of-box speculation are set to get challenges in abundance when your play such energy loaded diversion, where a fail-safe prison with most progressive security set up is to be torn open. Such a Team Building Games Activities in the city of Singapore is orchestrated so you are conveyed with adventure dispatched fun of most elevated request.


Thus, your longings for an astonishing Sci-Fi amusement are met when you visit escape room games facility of the city. Heaps of spooky experience is guaranteed to you when you attempt the hand at those genre games available in the place. Furthermore, in the event that you want to go on operations and finish some overwhelming assignments, then again you will never be disappointed regarding the same.

Regardless of what amusement you select to play, the Escape Game facilities in Singapore is certain to test you out on different aptitudes. From how you see to how to think, from what you think to what you choose – your abilities are tried to the handle. There are layers to cross, props and contraptions to relish and minds and mental forces to test. It’s a  guarantee that you will have a super time without a doubt!

Reviews on the game

It is beyond doubt that if someone gets into some new thing, his/her expectation would be high. If those expectations are not met, people will obviously criticize it and if it meets the expectation, then it will be applauded. Same is the case with this game. If you read the various reviews on the internet, then you will observe that certain people are disappointed because the game didn’t meet their expectations. At the same time, there are many positive reviews even indicating that the experience of the person at the escape game room was fabulous. Thus, you could find the mixed response of the people on this.

Final thoughts

It is clearly mentioned from the above writing that this game is the one where you will get the physical experience of the game which you play on computers or video games. You could get every genre game in this virtual cum real world of games. This is something which is being appreciated by every person all across the world.

In Singapore city, there are places where you could enjoy such amusements. People have different taste and as per that there is mixed review of such locations. The best method to choose the best escape room is to scan over the internet, read the reviews of users and then after understanding all technicalities and other aspects choose the best for you.

In each and every center there are numerous genre games so that people of all likes could enjoy themselves here. Thus, there is something for everyone in the store. So, you should definitely consider to visit such game room and experience the world of gaming physically which you have been doing over computers and video game.

The Last Goodbye

Mortality is the undeniable truth associated with life. Every beginning has an ending and he who takes birth has to die someday. Death is peaceful, says those who have had a narrow escape. Then what is it that makes death traumatic? The life that is taken away. We all have valuables in our possession. Even the thought of losing them can frighten us. Life, indeed, is such a valuable thing. Only the living can understand this and it is the loved ones of the deceased who feel the pain of losing. Many ways to share their gratitude, a thousand ways to remember but maybe, only a single way to say their ‘last goodbye’- a funeral.

The Hindus cremate in funeral pyres while Christians inhumane in cemeteries. Every religion and even those having no religion believes that the dead should have their last rites with dignity.


Countries form when such different communities come together and live as one. Singapore, one of the fastest growing nations witnessing development at the speed of light,harbors a diverse population. Malay, Chinese, Indians and British who came as slaves or colonials have shaped the Singaporean culture in the way it is today. For an island nation exhibiting such a diversity and rapid development, growing population is a major concern. The challenge to provide living space comes at the cost of cemeteries being buried under development projects. Not all favor such an outcome and the government often has to deal with a massive outcry. The dilemma between development and individual and communal dignity is not easy to balance yet strategies and schemes have been planned to ensure an intermediate solution.

Burial, cremation and columbaria are most common funeral practices in Singapore. The Choa Chu Kang Cemetery complex is the only one which facilitates burial. The cost of a niche ranging from $140 for a child to $315 for an adult and $ 940 for religions other than Muslim, Ahmadiyya Jama’at, Jewish, Parsi and Bahai. With effect from 1 November 1998, the burial period for all graves has been limited to a period of fifteen years after which the graves will be exhumed and for those religions which permits cremation, the remains will be cremated and the ashes given to the relatives for burial or to be kept in columbaria. For those religions in which cremation is not permitted, smaller individual plots will be provided to the deceased.

Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium complex is a government owned crematoria center while Kong Meng San PhorKark and TseTohAum Temple are private crematories. The price being $100 for adults and $50 for children below the age of five to $700 -900 in private crematoria along with urns. Cremated ashes can be stored at home or scattered in sea about 1.5 nautical miles south of PulauSemakau. The ashes of the deceased can also be stored at columbaria niches. Mandai Columbaria and Choa Chu Kang Columbaria supported by the government are the only two columbaria in Singapore. It doesn’t seem aesthetical to book a niche in columbaria or cemetery but ensuring a place for the loved ones after their death and to avoid future hikes in rates, it does seem reasonable. A number of funeral Singapore service providers could be found over the net to organize funerals including wreaths, coffins and everything else that is required.


Another burial site in Singapore named after the English ship-owner George Henry Brown, the Burkit Brown is one of the oldest cemeteries which face disappearance owing to construction projects for residential area. The concerned citizens are outraged to protect this heritage whose preservation seems inevitable seeing the scarcity of land. A sacrifice of history to benefit the nation’s assets may seem indispensable but should not be completely destroyed so as to deprive the country of its cultural wealth.

Heading towards a substantial development, every nation aims to provide its citizens the ‘ideal’ life. To cope up with the problems of burying the dead is not confined to Singapore alone. Large countries with densely populated regions also has to face such circumstances, solutions to which scientifically and technically could be more than one can count on its fingers but may not please the religious soul or individuals morals. Strategies can only work out if they are properly planned and receive support from the people.

Basics Of Horseback Riding

When it comes to being fit and healthy, there are tons of ways on how to do it! Proper diet and exercise are the two basic things one must have. With exercise, the best thing about it is the fact that it is vast. There are a lot of options you can choose from when looking for a form of exercise to do! From body weight exercises, running, swimming, and even yoga, the choices are endless. Horseback riding is also one unique way to work on your form and shape as well!

Intensity of Horseback Riding

People assume that horseback riding isn’t as intense as any other sport due to the fact that the player is just sitting down. But in the contrary, this is an intense exercise not everyone can do at first! It takes a lot of practice and skill in order to become a good horseback rider. It takes balance and flexibility, as well as the right horse and equipment. You can find a lot of websites that offer advice and other information regarding horses, such as!


Basics of Horseback Riding

If you are just a beginner, don’t be worried or scared! While horseback riding is challenging at first, you will soon love the feeling of being one with your horse as you jump through hurdles and obstacles. Here are some things you should do in order to ride a horse properly:

  1. Mount the horse by putting your left foot up the stirrup before your right. Then sit down properly once both feet are planted safely on the handles.
  1. Adjust the ropes and ties to your size so as to properly guide your horse.
  1. When you want to start going and get your horse to walk, make a clucking sound and slightly step on the foot handles in order to signal your horse to start walking.
  1. To stop your horse, pull the reins and make a stop signal or sound.
  1. If you would like your horse to turn sides, this is easy. For the left side, step on your right foot and guide your horse left. For the right side, do the opposite.
  1. Do NOT be afraid or nervous around your horse, as he may be agitated or not know what to do.
  1. Have a guide before going on your own, especially if you do not know the basics on how to guide your horse.



With these tips and a step-by-step procedure as to how to ride a horse, you will surely be fine and be able to start your journey to horseback riding! Beginners will be able to take lessons in their local horse stables and fields. You can search online for horse stables near your local area where you will be able to practice horseback riding. Have fun and be in shape with this fun and unique sport! You will surely enjoy and not regret taking it up. Just remember to be careful and aware along the way.

Inside The World Of Manga

You might be wondering why the word ‘Manga’ is taking the entertainment-world by storm. Well now, it’s not just its native place that this art form has enchanted but the entire world is gradually becoming its follower! We bet you’ve heard the word at least once, and to hone your knowledge, take a dive here!

The word basically stands for comics written in a Japanese style that emerged during the mid-1900s. It is created by the union of Japanese ‘Man’,that is, ‘impromptu’ and ‘Ga’, that is, ‘pictures’ (in Japanese). All in all, the word stands for ‘whimsical pictures’.

Generally printed in black and white, these Japanese comics are available in a huge choice of genres, like comedy, fantasy, action, business/commerce, historical-drama, horror, mystery, romance, science-fiction, life, sexuality,adventure, sports, suspense and more, giving the readers a vast range to read from.

These comics are highly popular among readers of all ages and the artists or mangaka keep this in mind while creating something new. Therefore, these comics are created for boys, girls, youth and grown-ups. The form is not new, but has developed eventually, with some changes, from what it initially was when created by Hokusai during the 17th and 18th centuries.


He gave this art form the name ‘Manga’. However, it was many years later that this form gained attention- first during the late-19th century and the Meji period.These cartoons appeared in magazines and took about fifteen pages. They catered to boys and girls both. Later, during mid-20th century stepped the ‘God of Manga’. His name was Tezuka Osamu and to him, people give the credit of taking Manga to new heights and giving it a modern touch. Osamu contributed immensely by creating famous works like Shin Takarajima and TetsuwanAtom, which is popular even today as the kids’ favourite Astro Boy. The length of his works touched almost 180 pages and his efforts helped this art form get recognition today in the modern world. With the removal of bans, now people even had an access to such arts.

With time, these comics have spread all over the world, not being limited just to Japan. There are translations being worked all over! If the series become successful, they are animated and even television series are made, for example, today we have Dragon Ball Z, Astro Boy, Doraemon, Naruto, Pokemon. Yes, they are contributions of this art form!

Such a comic reads right to left and from up to down. The characters have oversized eyes for the very convenience in expression of emotions and small noses. This famous style employed here is called Moe style.

For kids these comics deal with lighter themes, fun and delightful characters and has a simple style. Here are some examples of such comics: Pokemon the adventures of little kids, trying to win badges and gathering Pokemons, while also giving the message of friendship, bravery, sportsmanship and teamwork. Then you have Dragonball, remember Goku and friends?  Furthermore, there is Doraemon, the cat from the 24th century, helping Nobita to work his way through problems.

The style of these Japanese comics evolve with respect to its targets. The comics for teenagers and youngsters are darker, realistic but still have a sense of justice. Even the characters are created to cater to the fantasies of the readers. Known teenage comics include Death Note, Bleach, One Piece, Full metal Alchemist, Berserk, Kindaichi Case Files.This form, however, is not to be confused with Anime, which in Japan is a revival of successful comics in animation.


The popularity of these comics has ever since been booming in Japan. A majority of published works in Japan consist of these comics and now more and more people are getting involved with this art form. The bookstores in Japan are stacked with these comics and even the people are completely addicted to them. The artists are respected for their ideas, style and endeavors. No doubt the respect for this art is immense in Japanese culture and lifestyle.

So now that you know about this form and what the world is going crazy after, expectation is that you are going to grab one of these comics soon. Go, you better hurry!

How To Get A Big Butt!

With summer fast approaching, everyone is getting ready for their summer vacations! And you know what that means: beaches, nights out with friends, the works! It will also mean dealing with the heat through wearing shorts and bikinis, and you obviously would want that dream body of yours to match those outfits now, wouldn’t you? Especially in your bottom area! Nowadays, girls aspire to have big and perky butts to show off in the beach, and that calls for major lifestyle changes in order to get it!

Tip Number 1: Take It Slow!

You’ll be seeing fad diets and intense workout routines that are way too intense for beginners, and it usually ends up with people easily giving up because of it! But instead of following these extreme plans, you can actually make your own routine and start taking it slow. Make small changes a day, and start increasing it bit by bit, not going too fast, but not going too slow either. Moderation is key. That way, you won’t give up and your habits will start to form, making you healthier and a better person.

How To Get A Big Butt?

So, how to get a big butt? It’s not exactly easy, but it isn’t hard to do either! Here are some simple tips you should follow:


  1. Diet

Your diet should not consist of just carrot sticks and celery! Make it colorful and add in fruit smoothies, chicken breast for protein, and a lot of healthier options that can replace the usual junk or sweets you are most likely to consume. Also, make sure you stay hydrated by having an intake of 8 glasses of water or any healthy fluids a day.

  1. Exercise

It’s best to start strength training and adding in a bit of intense cardio around 5 times a week, 20 minutes a day. Incorporate walks on high incline to get that heart racing, or do some bodyweight moves like squats and bridges to work those glutes!

  1. Rest

Rest is extremely important. Sleep the recommended amount of hours, and also make sure that you have your rest days from especially intense workouts.

  1. Motivation

Of course, you must have the positive attitude to keep moving forward, and that means having the willpower and determination to stick to your healthy habits no matter what!


  1. Wear the right clothes

While you’re still making these changes, you can still be able to achieve that big butt by wearing the right clothes, such as jeans that accentuate your glutes, and nice fitting tops that can make your waist smaller and your butt look bigger.


While these tips aren’t the easiest to follow, they most certainly can be done. We won’t promise that you’ll have that big butt in a day, but in due time, you’ll be able to achieve that dream body of yours and work it as you head on to the beach in confidence and style. What are you waiting for? Get cracking and start making changes today!

Best Solution To Preserve Memories Is Digital Photo Frames.

Digital photo frame is also called as a picture frame. It displays photos without the need of a computer or any electronic gadget. In other words, digital photo frame is a frame which is only used to display photos, but in some digital frames you can see videos too. Tablets are similar to digital photo frame. Digital photo frame is completely meant for displaying photos and videos for a continuous usage. Digital photo frames have a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Even the resolution of digital photo frame differs from one another.

In olden days, we used to take snaps and keep that snaps in an album and preserve it in order to retain our memories. In today’s generation, we can take snaps in our smartphones. We can transfer those snaps to digital photo frame via Bluetooth, USB Cable, or Memory card and enjoy it by seeing multiple times. These days you can see digital photo frames in key chains too. It holds images less than 100 in numbers. These images can be viewed in LCD TV’S connected via USB cable. You get LCD TV’s at reasonable prices.


When you buy a digital photo frame, you need to keep in mind one thing that is, never go for lower resolution. Always it is good to buy a higher resolution for the better picture clarity. The display sizes of the digital frames are from 7 to 15 inches, but most of the digital photo frames are from 7 to 10 inches. The larger the display, higher the price and you cannot bargain for such larger displays because the resolution will be higher in some models. A frame which has an aspect ratio of 4:3 is the best fit for the photos. There are ratios which has 16:9 frames where we have to crop the picture from top to bottom to fit the LCD TV’s.

On the other hand, you get an aspect ratio of 16:9 which gives an image a pleasing widescreen. In Sony, you get a digital photo frame which is very sleek and it is designed in such a way that it looks like a mini HDTV. The model of the digital photo frame of Sony is DPF-D70 and has a display of 7 inches. While buying it’s better to check the resolution part because the images won’t be clear if we do not buy higher resolution and picture clarity won’t be that good.

In digital photo frames brands like Sony, Toshiba, Kodak, and pan digital are one of the best brands to buy. Toshiba DMF82XKU model has a display of 8 inches where it streams images from a wide variety of sources. It streams images from web service called frame channel which lets us to upload photos and also it displays from Facebook, Picasa and other sources.


Kodak pulse digital frames offer frame features from its own website which gives full control to operate. If you have internet connected photo frame but you don’t have a Wi-Fi then pan digital photo frame is the best to buy. Because it has 8 inches photo mail digital photo frame which is connected to AT and T’s cellular network. Here through cellular network signals, you will be able to send email photos straight away to the frame. Most importantly you need not pay anything for the service plan.

At last, digital photo frame is an excellent gadget for the people who love photography. People who love to take snaps and enjoy preserving their memories, such lovers will enjoy digital photo frames. A best gift for photo lovers. A worth buying for photo lovers.

Level Up And Buy A Lol Account!

League of Legends is an online game that is becoming more popular by the day. With tens of millions of players now using it, you are now able to have access to all these players, interacting and battling them. You can even create teams to battle others, winning and creating a name for yourselves. As an online platform, League of Legends is where you are able to alleviate stress and keep yourself occupies while having fun at the same time. With intense battles, you put your strategic skills to the test as you figure out ways on how to defeat your enemies, either alone, or having teamwork.

Level Up With League of Legends

Whether you’re just beginning or already an advanced player, you are able to play along and work your way through the top through countless battles and level ups. With rare items and weapons, fight and defeat all your enemies and become champion of the game, earning the respect and admiration all players would want to have!


If You Just Started Playing League Of Legends

If you’re a beginner, don’t expect a warm welcome, though. You may end up being teased or trolled for simply being a newbie of the game! But once you search through tutorials and get the hang of it, start leveling up and gain that reputation.

Buy a LOL Account

If you don’t want to be trolled and just need a boost without others teasing for your humble beginnings, you will be able to buy LOL account that is already high in ranking and level, so other players will start looking up to you, maybe even wanting you to be part of their team as well! With a higher ranked LOL account, you will be able to be taken seriously by advanced players, and you can play in peace.

Some advanced players prefer to buy a LOL account for various reasons. Sometimes, they need a backup of their account in the same rank, or they just want a higher rank in order to have intense fights. Sometimes, they purchase low ranking accounts (Smurf accounts) just to be able to either make fun of beginners, or teach these newbies the ways on how to play the game.


How to Purchase a LOL Account

Buying a LOL account is very simple. It only requires a quick search through reputable online stores or players who happen to be selling their old accounts. Once purchased or traded, you can now start using the account to your heart’s content.

You will also be able to find tons of other things being sold exclusively for League of Legends, such as level ups or rare items and weapons you may need. They even have merchandise if you’re a true and diehard League of Legends fan!

Now you are able to work your way up properly and create a name for yourself as champion through buying LOL accounts and level ups. It isn’t exactly a cheat, more like an easier way to have fun!

Undercounter Ice Machine

An Ice Machine is required almost for every food service. There are several types of ice machines available in the market. It is very important to understand and know type of ice machine perfect for you. An undercounter ice machine is perfect for a small scale business where much ice is not required as in a small bar or a café, which saves you a lot of money and also fulfills all your needs without any heavy maintenance.

If you are just looking around for an undercounter ice machine, you need to keep these few considerations in mind:

  • Firstly, consider the amount of ice you would require per day
  • Measurements of the space where you are going to fix your ice machine
  • Also keep in mind the ability to drain out the machine if required
  • What kind of ice type you would require, eg: gourmet, nugget or clear cube ice
  • Also consider the type of finish you are looking for, stainless steel or some colored scheme
  • Make sure that you have convenient water supply and power outlets at the spot


There are even some outdoor ice machines which are convenient for outdoor usage. You may even use those machines in outdoor barbeque or picnic parties or even in a garage. Moreover, another consideration to keep in mind is the ice production capacity and ice storage capacity. Ice production capacity is the capability of the ice machine that it can produce within 24 hours whereas the ice storage capacity is the maximum amount of ice that could be stored in the machine at any given time. Also, it is highly recommended to use a water purifier along with an undercounter ice machine, however, it’s not a compulsion. And after you buy the machine, it is really important to go through the guide book provided along with the machine and follow its instructions strictly to ensure smooth and effective working of your new undercounter ice machine.

Some of the advantages of using an undercounter ice machine over the conventional ice cube trays:

  • Cost efficiency: The most important thing about the undercounter ice machine is the money that it can save you in the long run. The capability to make your own ice would mean that you would not have to buy any more ice ever again.


  • Convenience: It would reduce all the manual work that you have to do dislodging ice from an ice tray and that too just under your table. You need no more scraping of those inconvenient ice trays or running along for just a few cubes of ice.
  • Outlook: Ultimately, it would also magnify the outlook of your work place, you may even customize your machine to go along with your interiors.

In conclusion, buying a befitting undercounter ice machine can do wonders for your business and lower your manual work to high extents. All you need to do is find a machine fulfilling your requirements and under your budget.

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation : Treatment

Drug addiction or drug abuse both are negative consequences on an individual’s life and his surroundings.Any addiction usually have negative effects and drug addiction has chronic effects such as relapsing brain disease, problems in person’s self control etc. Also drug addiction hampers the person’s ability to resist intense impulses to take drugs. The effects of drug addiction varies from person to person.

There are various rehabilitation centers worldwide. The top 10 rehabilitation centres in the world are :


  1. Hazelden Betty Ford – Nationwide
  2. The Caron Foundation – Wernersville , Pennsylvania
  3. Ocean Breeze Recovery – Pompano Beach , Florida
  4. Benchmark Recovery Center – Austin, Texas
  5. Behavioural Health Of The Palm Beaches – Palm Beach, Florida
  6. Phoenix House – New York
  7. Jude’s Recovery Center -Altanta Georgia
  8. Rock Solid Recovery/Sure Haven – Costa Mesa , California
  9. Sober living By The Sea -Newport Beach, California
  10. Mountainside – Canaan, Connecticut

Some of the rehabilitation centers in the world are free while some cost thousands of dollars a day .

There are various types of drugs and addiction treatment. The cost of the treatment varies accordingly. The various types of addiction treatment are :


This treatment costs $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 . The cost changes with the type of drug addiction treatment.


This type of programme cost around $6,000 for a 30 day programme. Popular rehabilitation centers cost $20,000 for the same 30 days programme.


These programmes are basically for mild – moderate addictions and are comparatively cheaper than inpatient rehabs. It depends on the visits an individual makes how long and how often.


Medicines are provided to the patient according to the drug addiction. The cost of this treatment depends on the type of drug involved.

Not only abroad but India too have brilliant centers for drug addicts . Some of these are :

  • Safe House Wellness Retreat and Rehab centers – New Delhi
  • Bhumika Foundation Trust – Way to Serenity – Chhatarpur, Delhi
  • Safa Home – New Delhi
  • Dayaneeta Social Welfare Society – Bakhtawarpur , Delhi
  • Oxygen Institute of Psychiatry – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Phoenix Foundation – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh