How To Get My Second Card

Steps to apply for My Second Card from First Premier Bank

  • Customers who have an excellent credit history with First Premier Bank can apply for My second card.
  • Enter the confirmation number received via mail
  • First Premier Bank customers who have one single credit card having an excellent history & who meet certain standards qualify for this program & eligible to receive second credit card.


The following reasons insecure the qualification for premier master card

  • Apply by expiration date given in the letter
  • Name, security number & date of birth that matched the information on the record
  • Not opened an account in last 13 months
  • Minimum annual income at least $10,000
  • Sufficient income to meet obligations

As a method of payment, a card is issued to users (cardholders) is called credit card. Based on holder’s promise, it allows the cardholder to pay for goods & services. Getting a credit card without being responsible can be disastrous for your credit. Charge only what you can afford & pay the bill every month without being reminded.

Where to get a credit card

  • Bank: If the account has been handled responsibly then it can improve the chances of getting a credit card application getting approved. It can be applied online.
  • Retail or department: These stores have easy credit card approvals. The drawback of this card is they have high interest rates & they aren’t versatile.
  • Secured credit card: In this case, if the payments are not made as agreed, the bank holds the deposit.

For good credit health making on time payments & maintaining credit card utilization rate under 30% is a smart move.


Do’s of getting a credit card

  • Based on your credit score, research cards
  • Read reviews
  • To start, choose a secured credit card
  • Consider your spending
  • Watch credit utilization rate

Don’t of getting a credit card

  • Miss a payment
  • To build credit carry over a balance
  • Apply multiple cards at once
  • Close other cards
  • Max out credit cards

Growth Of Real Estate Israel

When buying real estate as an investment, keep one thing foremost in mind-the more money you make on the property, the better. That said; there are pros and cons besides the obvious financial considerations. Some properties might be more of a headache than they’re worth and at the same time, you could pass up a good real estate investment deal by excluding certain types of property.


Spend time considering every single area where a cost will be incurred and detail every likely payment that will have to be made and you will arm yourself with a bullet proof budget and do all you can to ensure you encounter no nasty surprises along the way

Doing a little bit of work and investing in some new things for your house can not only help the sale to happen faster, but it can also put more money in your pocket. Just don’t fix it up too nice or you might not want to move out! Although many of us tend to think of real estate as a player in the residential economic market, the corporate sector also plays a part in the real estate market. The corporate effect on immobilier israel sur is likely to be of great significance than the residential market because of the monetary value attached to corporate real estate.

  • Buy mobile homes and trailer houses when you want to rent them quickly and increase your money flow. The nice thing about buying trailers for rentals is that you don’t have a huge initial investment. However, because they are not as structurally sound as homes, there may be more money in upkeep.
  • Purchase small single-family homes when you want an easy-to-rent-out property. Small homes are desirable for their appeal to families with children, so look close to schools. Unfortunately, they are a bigger investment that a renter can harm if you get a bad tenant.
  • Look into multi-family housing if you have a chunk of money to invest. Because you’re renting out units, you bring in more per month, when assessed against the mortgage, than you will on a single family home. Unfortunately, they often need a separate manager who lives on-site.
  • Consider investing in commercial real estate when you have at least 30% of the purchase price to put down. Commercial real estate is harder to finance than is residential but the profits can be well worth it.


Commercial investing is likely to be the most lucrative type of real estate since businesses tend to enter into long-term agreements. In office buildings, the rent is charged per square foot in most cases, thus yielding an even higher rate than might be possible by simply charging a flat rate based upon the size of the unit that is leases. Apartment buildings can also provide some nice income if you are careful about the type of tenants you acquire and keep the apartments in good shape so that new tenants want to move in when previous tenants move out. The role of real estate in your future is one that is totally within your control.

David’s Diabetes Destroyer : Diabetes Destroyer Review

Diabetes is a chronic, often debilitating and sometimes fatal disease, in which the body either cannot produce insulin or cannot properly use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that controls the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Diabetes leads to high blood sugar levels, which can damage organs, blood vessels and nerves. The body needs insulin to use sugar as an energy source.

In today’s world diabetic patients are increasing in number day by day. Diabetes can occur at any age which is a growing concern of all the doctors and scientists.


Diabetes is also known as SILENT KILLER as it slowly eats up your body.

Sometimes people are not aware that they are diabetic as the symptoms are not clear but are living with it.

There is no pill or a treatment like surgery that can reverse the diabetes but there are many medical aids that let you balance the sugar level in your body.

But there is no sure shot treatment to make you NON DIABETIC again.

There are generally two types of diabetes:

Type 1

The body’s immune system destroys the cells that release insulin, eventually eliminating insulin production from the body. Without insulin, cells cannot absorb sugar (glucose), which they need to produce energy.

Type 2

In type 2 diabetes, the body isn’t able to use insulin the right way. This is called insulin resistance. As type 2 diabetes gets worse, the pancreas may make less and less insulin. This is called insulin deficiency.

There is an all natural method to reverse your diabetes PERMANENTLY and also helps you lose weight.

This method is developed by DAVID ANDREW and is known as DIABETES DESTROYER.

This all natural method is also known as 3 step diabetes destroyer.

This system is for reversing type 2 diabetes and pre diabetes in a time period of 1 week.

It offers you both short term treatment and long term treatment.

The 3 steps involved are


Diabetes destroyer review are given by the users of the treatment.


-The treatment is in stages and is very easy to use.

-It is scientifically proven.

– It is natural and safe to use.

– The results are fast and effective.

– It helps in weight loss.

– The refund policy is assured and guaranteed.

There are lots of benefits for type 2 diabetic patients and they can take help from that. Also people willing to lose weight can use this treatment solution. Who doesn’t want to live a healthy life?

Eat good, stay fit, stay alert.

Uefa Euro 2016 Stream

UEFA EURO 2016 or EURO 2016, the mega European football championship is going to be held in France from the first week of June to the first week of July. This is the 15th edition of the quadrennial tournament. This edition is going to be bigger than ever as the number of teams has been raised from 16 to 24 teams this year.

So how are we going to watch the tournament?


The matches are going to be streamed not only on televisions but also in-flight. Turkish airlines and the Emirates have decided to stream the matches live on their flights. This is a major development and is opening a different set of audience for the game.

Different countries have different rights holder who have won the right to stream the games live in that particular country. The game will also be aired on the radio. This are traditional ways of following the game.

Coming to the latest developments, we can watch the matches live from any part of the world through the internet on our laptops, IPhones, smartphones, tablets, etc. There are numerous sites that are going to stream the match live. The official site is They have made arrangements to stream the game live from 10 different venues in France. The games are going to be streamed in high definition quality.


They have also launched an app that can help euro 2016 stream on mobile devices so that viewers can watch the game hassle free on the go. They also have a channel on YouTube, i.e., channel. This are some of the official sources where viewers can view the matches live. There are tons of other websites, channels and apps that will be airing the much awaited event.

So one should choose the platform that suits him/her best and get ready for action.

Best Posture Correctors In Market Right Now

Posture correctors are widely used in correcting postures for people who have issues like back pain, shoulder pain, misplacement of bones in the shoulder, rib or the clavicle bones etc. Typically such conditions are caused by being seated for a very long period of time, for example 40+ of desk work each week. In this current era, productivity requires a lot of brain work and that eventually leads to sitting down in an confined area for long, and for comfort most people sit in a wrong posture resulting in bad posture, back pain and misplaced bones and joints in the long run.

However, in order to correct the poor postures and get rid of any medical condition arisen by bad postures, using best posture corrector in the market is highly recommended. The online marketplace is a great place to look for great posture braces, and the medical stores near you might have them as well.


  1. Tommie Copper Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt

Unlike the typical posture correctors, Tommie Copper Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt is very casual and sleek and rather than looking like a posture corrector brace, this product looks mostly like a t shirt. The shirt compresses in specific parts to act like a posture corrector, and there are adjustable properties for the perfect fit. The stiff nature of this shirt would force the wearer to remain seated in the upright bold position. This shirt is made of 56% copper nylon, 28% nylon and 16% spandex. Apart from providing stiff posture support, this shirt defies the UV rays as well. Price: $29.99.

  1. IntelliSkin Men’s V-Tee

Men can wear the IntelliSkin Men’s V-Tee under their regular shirt as an undershirt, and still have the required posture corrective support without anyone being able to see the undershirt from outside. It’s sleek and braces the body like a second skin, tightness of this shirt shouldn’t bother the wearer. The posture is kept steady and upright for the wearer of this shirt during any job, even workouts. Price: $95.

  1. BAX-U Posture Corrector

After two years of extensive research inside the R&D department of BAX-U, this unique posture corrector was invented and this product just gets the job done right. This thing is basically a back brace and intended for external use rather than fitting inside a shirt. There are adjustable straps for fitting into any body size. Issues like osteoporosis could very well be treated with the BAX-U Posture Corrector.

  1. Equi Fit Shoulders back Posture Support Lite

Equi Fit Shoulders back is a lightweight posture corrector, and the construction makes this product more breathable while the rest of such products tend to be very compact. However, the efficiency doesn’t decrease due to this comfy nature, it’s just as fine as the other ones in the market. There are adjustable Velcro straps on the body. Price: $20 – $55.96


  1. PostureNow Brace

Posture Now Brace is as generic as its name could be. The product wraps around the arms of a human body instead of the shoulders, and they just look like a belt. By distributing the pressure evenly, PostureNow Brace helps reduce the stress and tension on the wrong muscles while still keeping the posture just upright and steady. Price: $67.80.


The best posture correctors in the market come in various options, and their price mostly vary with the size of the product. If you are about to buy one, make sure you have assessed the sizes correctly.

The Wizard Of Sous Vide Cooking- Sous Vide Wizard

In the ever evolving world of cooking, sous vide cooking is coming to light as one of the most effective way of cooking without having to give up on taste. Sous vide cooking is basically cooking food, meat or vegetables, in water or steam but unlike poaching, the meat or vegetable is wrapped in an air tight plastic bag so as to prevent it from coming in contact with the water or steam.


It is mostly used my top chefs so as to cook the meat or vegetables evenly without losing the moisture content, thus preserving the taste. It is also one of the least stressful ways of cooking since it does not require continuous attention like baking or grilling.

Though not a very famous mode of cooking, this is on the top of the list when trying to keep both the texture and freshness of the meat or vegetable being cooked. For the same reason, a lot of cooks, both pros and amateurs are embracing this form of cooking. On the other hand, this is not an easy skill to master. It requires proper technique since the temperature and time of cooking varies for different types of food and impacts the taste a lot.

If wrong, it would result in inedible under cooked or overcooked food…and no one wants that! Thanks to Sous Vide Wizard, a brand new online resource center, this is made simpler than ever. Sous Vide Wizard is working on making Sous Vide cooking mainstream by promoting it. Sous Vide recipes and different ways of Sous Vide cooking will be available for everyone, the beginner and pro chef alike.


They intend to make it a part of easy cooking in every household by providing information about everything that’s needed to know. Therefore, put your aprons on! Let’s start with Sous Vide basics and master it!

Movietube.Co App- The One-Stop Solution For Movie Addicts.

With the onset of the internet we have switched from television to the desktop mode. The ways of communication and entertainment have changed. The dawn of the smartphone age has hastened this process. It has almost become ubiquitous that we view serials, commercials, videos and films on our smartphones through internet. This is primarily done via various softwares which are popularly known as apps. Many such film viewing softwares are out in the market. MovieTube is one such app. This an app streaming full length videos on Youtube for as long as 20 minutes. It is available on both androids and iOS. Thus it can run on your android smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, ipads, iphone, Mac etc. App is one of the foremost video streaming app which offers you videos in 32 different languages and 16different genres. The chief developer of the App is Troan Trinh. It classifies videos into different categories, according to trends and recent releases. This app is easily available in GooglePlay. However the official website to download this app is


How to operate the App?

People who desire for a one stop location to screen movies and videos, this is a dream heaven. It is an entertainment catalogue comprising of all Youtube films and thus it helps you to screen your favourite movies on a go. You don’t have to search for movies like you do in Youtube. The app will automatically suggest most recent movies when you open it. You can use different filters like your desired genre (comedy, romcom, sci-fi etc) or languages to narrow down your search.

When you select the globe icon on the App, it will display various languages. Select the appropriate language and you will get choices accordingly. A click at the bottom menu on this app will open up a Pandora’s Box of different genres for you like drama, comedy, action, classics, documentary and others.

A click on the video thumbnails will open up the information about that video. When you click on the “watch this movie “ button the video will open Youtube or your web browser.

Features of the App.

It offers full length movie from all over the globe. Hollywood, Bollywood, European, World Movies, Local all can be found. It is a free public sharing platform. It only showcases movies that are publically available. Hence there are no discomfiture about its legal veracity.

Not only full length but it also features promotional clips, trailers and reviews of movies, short-films, feature films, documentaries etc. It constantly updates its collection. So there is no chance of missing out on the latest thing. You can view recent additions just by searching the “Recent Release Section”. Like all other portals this also function by the common jargon rule. Your recommendation will be based on your browsing history. It will automatically recommend similar types of movies which you have seen or you are currently viewing.

Similar to online retail apps where you add your favourite items to wish list , here you have a  folder marked “favourite”. You can add your favourite movies to this folder and go back to them later. Or you keep track all your movies which you want to visualize later. This is some kind of a user playlist.

The most enthralling feature of this app is its range of old classic movies. It has a wide range classics from the by-gone era of 70’s and 80’s. Hence, it’s a dream heaven of entertainment for old school people.

Advantages & Drawbacks of MovieTube

The listicles of advantages are short, practical and decisive.

  • Movie in 32 different languages and 16 different genres makes it a versatile venture.
  • Easy to handle and easy lay out makes it quite amicable to users.
  • Availability in all platforms and compatibility with all kinds of devices makes it a sustainable option.
  • Easily accessible & free of charge.
  • Automatic updates, daily recommendations, movie information page and the availability of short films, feature films, documentaries are an added bonus

 However, there remains certain shortcomings.

  • There is no restrictions or age limits for viewing. Anyone can watch videos.
  • There isn’t any censorship of videos like pornography or excessive violence. These might render it unsuitable for the younger section of the audience,


Latest Version of the app.

The latest version of the MovieTube 4.4. In the previous version there were some problems in streaming HD movies and 1080p movies so this version was launched. it is an improved version with 18 different genres.

All in all, App is the go to app for all movie-addicts

Dos And Don’ts Of Instagram

If you’ve never used Instagram, it is perhaps time you know that you are not only missing out on great fun but also the amazing opportunities that the platform offers especially when it comes to the marketing aspects of your brand. If you thought that Instagram was all about sharing photos of your favorite cat then you are mistaken. Instagram is a platform that if you correctly utilize, especially with over 300 million active monthly users, it may result into a number of business benefits including increased sales and revenue at the same time. However, in order to achieve this, there are a few things that need to be put in consideration. Here is a list of the do’s and don’ts of Instagram.



  1. Try matching both your Instagram and Twitter usernames

It is no surprise to find your twitter followers also following you on Instagram. This explains why it is so important to use an identical username for both these platforms. If you choose to confuse your followers with all your different usernames, chances are that they’ll give up quickly when trying to find you on Instagram. for example who unfollowed me on instagram is a word which confuses the follower whether the person is on instagram or not. 

  1. Being social is important

As a social network, the importance of being social on Instagram can never be overemphasized. If you want to build a following, you need to remain active and continue posting not only relevant images and videos but also try to be exciting. Try following your friends and your favorite brands, or even celebrities. Make it as social as possible and you’ll be doing the right thing for your Instagram profile.

  1. Put much emphasis on engagement as opposed to your followers numbers

You don’t even have to buy instagram followers if you cannot be in a position of engaging the few that you have. The first thing you want to achieve as an Instagram account holder is to be able to engage with your followers. Studies have shown that Instagram creates a high engagement even when compared to popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Try as much as possible to create posts that have the ability of engaging your audience.

download (11)


  1. Flood the feed

The last thing you want whether as a new or old user is to flood your feed with images or videos. The rule of the thumb that exists when using Instagram is that a photo a day is your best bet. When you overdo it and end up posting blurry images, it can cost you your followers. Less is always better.

  1. Like every other photo you come by

You need to understand that your stamp of approval is always meaningful to some of your followers. Therefore, if you just go around liking photos you come by, it can send a bad message to a lot of followers. If you end up liking every picture, you’ll reduce the value of that stamp hence you may end up losing some of your followers. It is alright if you become somehow picky with your likes.

Things You Can Do Before Going For Downloadable Cheats For Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume or Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a kind of video game that is compatible for Android and iOS mobile devices. It is a Japanese game developed by the reputable video gaming company known as Hit-Point. The main goal of this particular video game is to collect different kinds of cats that will appear as you go on with the game.
The thing is, there are a lot of players in this video game who are not that familiar on what to do in order to collect more and more cats. This is the reason why some of them go for cheats for Neko Atsume. There are cheat tools available for this game that can be easily downloaded. You just have to find the reliable websites that offer such. Even so, it is best for you to consider some important tips first regarding cheats for Neko Atsume before going for those downloadable cheat tools.

download (5)

Here are some of these worth-considering tips:

Be Creative Enough

You may not know it but your creativity is highly needed in this particular video game. You have to put some furniture in your garden that can captivate the attention of various cats. Make sure to arrange the furniture well so that cats will be enticed to interact with the other cats in your garden. There is no way they won’t choose to stay if you have pillows and some other stuff that can make them very comfortable.

Spoil the Cats in Food

Of course, cats do eat, so you need to feed them with food items that they love. Nonetheless, this is not just about simple feeding of cats. Ordinary food items should not be your choices. Since you need to spoil them, then why not feed them foods that are new to their taste buds, but still taste great. This is one way of attracting cats, especially those that are rare ones. There is no need to worry where you should find these food items since the game itself has them all. Do not mind spending much from the special food items since you will surely find in the end that rare cats keep on coming back into your garden.

images (4)

Be Observant Enough

Try to observe which item in your garden attracts cats. In this video game, there are 49 cats all in all, and the number of rare cats out from those 49 cats is 17. Since rare cats are hard to please, you must buy those items that are capable enough in captivating them. When you have a lot more money, try repurchasing these items. You must know that themed items are the favorites of these rare cats. You must target Tubbs or the big and fluffy white cat. It will make you earn more Niboshi (gifts that the cats leave in your garden when they have great moments there).
These are just some of the tips that you should take into account if you think of having neko atsume cheats. By keeping these things in mind, there’s no way you cannot have the best Neko Atsume gaming experience.

How To Play Defence In Basketball

No game can be won by only having good attackers. It must be combined with good defense to at least prevent the opponents from scoring after you score. It is believed that a good attack only wins games, but a good defense they say wins championships. This is a famous saying when describing those teams that have been doing well in basketball at all levels that they play. But surprisingly still, most coaches and players don’t make more effort to strengthen their defense when developing their games. However, for a basketball team to be strong and to become complete and also well-rounded in all aspects of the game, both players and coaches must dedicate much of their time in learning how to play basketball defense because it is very critical to their success.


The following are tips on how you can play a good basketball defense:

how to play defense in basketball ?

Keep Low

You should begin with your shoulders lower than the opponent. This is normally referred to as the shoulders game. By doing this ahead of the opponent and then continuously throughout the penetration and drive, you are more likely to get to the spot before the opposition. Usually keep your head lower than the opposition player’s head. In this way you are definitely getting underneath the other player and will be in good position to slide your feet or take a charge. When the ball is directly above the head, you should keep your hands under the ball and flip up so that it can keep you out of foul trouble and also keep the opponent from bringing the ball down to shooting position.

Be at the Arm’s Length

Never start too close or too far away from the opponent because by beginning too close they might drive by you. And if you begin too far the chance are that they will shoot. The best thing is to begin at least an arm’s length away.

Short steps

Always keep in mind about your footwork because taking long steps will definitely hinder your progress while defending drives. Usually take shorter steps.

Active Hands

Make sure you keep your hands active throughout the match. While on the ball your hands are busy, but you must also remember to use your hands while defending the penetration. In the process of defending the drive, poke the ball out with your bare hand, and then use your deflection hand to block passes or quick shots.

When the ball is below the mid-section, you must put your hand above the ball. This prevents the opponent from putting it in shooting position. If the ball is in shooting position, put your hand on the ball. This will stop the player from shooting and you never have to leave your feet.


Get in Shape

Strong core muscles are very necessary in the defensive work. Thus, your hips and buttocks must always be strong and should enable you to get balanced and able to move quickly in lateral motions. The purpose of every offensive move is to get you off balance because when you lose balance, the opponent is always blowing by you.

In order to develop the proper defensive stance, you have to find out if your opponent is right handed or left handed and then try to force him to his weak side. When your hand is at the middle, you be able to steal the ball if the opponent crosses over you. This is the best way to become a great defender, just by knowing your opponent.