Types of Nursing Jobs-Saudi Arabia.

Who has never at one point in time come into contact with a nurse? If you have ever visited a hospital, a medical clinic or probably got some home health care after an illness or accident, then be sure you have interacted with a nurse.

It is worth to mention that the demand for nurses is on the rapid increase as the baby boomer generation ages. Traditionally, the field has been dominated by females accruing to more than 90% of the nurse workers; however, males are turning to this field nowadays.


Below are some of the nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia:

Educator nurse.

An educator nurse teaches new technique and processes in healthcare to others. They are found in hospitals, in communities and post-secondary schools.

Geriatric. Nurse.

These nurses specialize in giving medical and emotional services to the elderly. Such nurses are trained to deal with the challenges of such groups.

Intensive care nurse.

They are literally known as life-savers. They deal with the seriously ill or injured persons in hospitals. This nursing category requires much sacrifice since one may work late night and at times weekend shifts are common.

Oncology nurse.

If you get diagnosed with cancer, oncology nurses help you look after your health and helps you manage your condition.


Thinking of having your baby born at home? Then you will need to call a nurse midwife. This category of nurses’ help moms deliver, or attend to the newborn in case on the spot care is needed.

Palliative care nurse.

For people who need healthcare during their final stages of living, a palliative care nurse is important. They ensure that the patients endure less suffering as their end nears.

Nurse practitioner.

Nurse practitioners provide a comprehensive assessment of their patients, including diagnosis. They initiate treatment and may go ahead to prescribe treatment.

The final verdict.

Nursing is one of the promising careers out there, and the demand for nurses will be high always. To be a nurse, it takes a great deed of compassion for other people.

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