Uefa Euro 2016 Stream

UEFA EURO 2016 or EURO 2016, the mega European football championship is going to be held in France from the first week of June to the first week of July. This is the 15th edition of the quadrennial tournament. This edition is going to be bigger than ever as the number of teams has been raised from 16 to 24 teams this year.

So how are we going to watch the tournament?


The matches are going to be streamed not only on televisions but also in-flight. Turkish airlines and the Emirates have decided to stream the matches live on their flights. This is a major development and is opening a different set of audience for the game.

Different countries have different rights holder who have won the right to stream the games live in that particular country. The game will also be aired on the radio. This are traditional ways of following the game.

Coming to the latest developments, we can watch the matches live from any part of the world through the internet on our laptops, IPhones, smartphones, tablets, etc. There are numerous sites that are going to stream the match live. The official site is ww.uefaeurolive.com. They have made arrangements to stream the game live from 10 different venues in France. The games are going to be streamed in high definition quality.


They have also launched an app that can help euro 2016 stream on mobile devices so that viewers can watch the game hassle free on the go. They also have a channel on YouTube, i.e., UEFA.tv channel. This are some of the official sources where viewers can view the matches live. There are tons of other websites, channels and apps that will be airing the much awaited event.

So one should choose the platform that suits him/her best and get ready for action.

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