Unlimited Fun With Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers

There are a number of games that people enjoy playing and Minecraft happens to be one of them. While this game was initially only available on laptops and computers, you can now enjoy playing Minecraft pocket edition on all Windows Smartphones too. While playing Minecraft as a single player is fun, it’s nothing compared to having the opportunity of playing the game in a multiplayer mode. If you are keen on playing Minecraft PE with friends or other players you need to check out the best Minecraft PE Server List options so you can pick one.

It is very essential that you pick the right server since the level of fun you can have playing this game is related to the efficiency of the game. While there are a number of servers that you can pick from it is always advised to check the features and the uptime of the server before you invest in it.

Although there is always the option of joining an existing server, you are limited to the access of that server and you are at the mercy of the owner of the server. You might not be able to join a server for free since the host might want you to contribute towards the cost of the server.

If you have a group of friends who love playing Minecraft, you can get together and buy a server to play Minecraft PE. You can include up to 5 players in the pocket edition of the game.

One of the keys to survive in survival mode is to prepare well in advance for hostile takeovers that usually happen at night. There are some important tips that you should keep in mind when preparing yourself for the night. One of the first things to do is to gather enough resources for the night. You do not need to collect resources for two or three days. You just need to collect it for one night. You need to select a block of dirt, wood or stone and gather it. Once you feel you have enough for the night you should go about building an amazing shelter that will keep you safe at night. The shelter should be built in a good spot.

You should not try and make the shelter grand and massive as you will be moving out of this place in the morning. All you need to do is build a place that is compact and secure. Even a place that is 2 x 2 or even 1 x 3 in area will suffice. You should barricade yourself within the house and keep a small portion open at the top. This will tell you when the sun has risen and when you can move out of the shelter. Since the hostile mobs only attack in the dark you should light up your shelter with some torches. You can also place a couple of torches two or three blocks away from the shelter to keep hostile mobs away.

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