A Vacation To The Land Of Varying Cultures

Hungary is the land varying cultures. They have been ruled by the Romans, Ottomans, Mongols, Czechs and the Soviets. The beautiful Danube flows through the country making it one of the most beautiful places in Europe to visit. You will also find the country comparatively empty to the rest so that you don’t need to manage the crowd. With the help of Wanderlust15.com we have compiled a list of must visit places to make life simple for you all.

Beach chair and umbrella on sand beach. Concept for rest, relaxation, holidays, spa, resort.

Beach chair and umbrella on sand beach. Concept for rest, relaxation, holidays, spa, resort.


The first place on anyone’s list who is visiting Hungary should be Budapest. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe on the bank of the river Danube, has a lot o offer. You can find a memoir for the Jews who were killed during the World War II at the Shoes of Danube where the Jews took of their shoes before getting shot. The city has a lot to offer when it comes to gastronomy and night life. You can even visit the world’s largest thermal water cave system, the third largest synagogue in the world and the third largest Parliament building in the world.

Then you need to visit the Hortobogay National Park which is the largest semi grassland area in Europe. Europe’s largest protected area is home to varying kind of animals like horses and other cattle and 342 species of birds. This area has been grazed by animals since the ice age.cancun-960-x-420

If you want to relax then you need to visit one of the largest thermal water areas in the world at Heviz. The water over here is pleasant and you can go for a swim or just float and relax. The water is very clean and rich in minerals and is a perfect place to energize you. There are a lot of spas and resort around or you could even go hitchhiking in the forests around.

Lake Balaton is another place that you need to visit if you want to just relax in a resort while admiring the beauty of the nature. Lake Balaton is the largest fresh water lake of Europe and is also the countries favorite summer holiday spot. You could just relax all day in the resorts and try wine tasting too!

Aggtelek National Parks is must go. The stalatic caves are the largest of its kind in Europe. You will find spelunkers all year around visiting the cave. Guided tours are also available to the physically able and it is an amazing place to visit for flora and fauna lovers.

Pecs is beautiful cultural city and is one of the UNESCO’s cities of Peace. People from different ethnicities are found here and it is also home to a huge number of refugees. You will find large monuments and museums at this place as it was ruled by both the Romans and the Ottomans. You will even some famous paintings in this city. You could even go wine tasting if you wanted to.

Hungary is a beautiful country and a must visit for all travel enthusiasts.

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