Addiction Treatment Centres

Choosing an appropriate and effective addiction treatment center is not all that easy; picking mediocre items is already a lengthy task, what more when choosing something that will actually affect the life and future of a person. We’re sure that you have a clear idea on what severe addictions look like and what they do to someone and their family; addiction can take away a loved one, nothing is more painful than having someone physically present but mentally and emotionally absent. Addiction of any sort is never good; it hurts the user, their family, friends and loved ones. There are various addiction treatment centres that you can look into before finalising the decision.

Bright water Landing

Brightwater Landing is located at 1166 Hilt Road, Wrightsville, PA 17368 in the United States and is also a famous treatment centre for people who have experienced substance abuse and certain mental health issues. It’s established on a mountain bluff that overlooks the gorgeous Susquehanna River situated in South eastern Pennsylvania. Clients get to live in, rustic and ranch-style cottages, perfect for healing and relaxation. Their treatment programs include:


  • Medical Detox – an onsite medical detox that uses updated research procedures and medications. Since the medical detox is performed on site, the client will experience a relaxing and home like setting.
  • Addiction Treatment – clients receive effective trauma informed care which directly addresses symptoms as well as any underlying emotional and behavioural issues. Take note that even certain social factors play a role in substance abuse.
  • Co-occurring Disorders – most of the time, substance abuse will cause some co-occurring disorders that also need to be addressed.

The team that handles and takes care of the clients involve board-certified psychiatrists and master’s level clinicians. Their experts also know just how much a client’s family can influence them and their lives so they dig deeper into the complex family ties and roles during therapies. Family members are also involved in family therapy sessions through phone calls and such.

Clarity Way


Another addiction treatment centre that’s ranked high on the list is called Clarity and can be located at 544 Iron Ridge Rd, Hangover, PA 17331 in the United States. It’s one of the leading substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment in Pennsylvania. They offer 14, 30, 60, 90 day and even longer inpatient rehabilitation programs. Here are just some the reasons to choose Clarity Way:

  • Healing for the Whole Self – the rehab program offered by Clarity Way addresses the client’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs. They promote traditional and alternative procedures to promote healing.
  • Individualized Care – since they are one of the top treatment centres in Pennsylvania, they only take in a certain number of people. By doing so, let’s them concentrate on the clients that they have at the time.
  • Certain Luxury – clients will stay at luxurious accommodations and amenities which allow them to fully focus on their road to recovery.
  • Non 12-Step Options – the treatment program gives 12-step and non 12-step options which lets their clients decide what would best work for them.
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