Amazing Studio Monitors Under 500

If this is your first time searching for the great studio monitors, then you might have already asked the opinion of your friends or asked in internet forums. You might notice that a lot of them are suggesting the high end brands with prices that can even make a grown man shed tears and not the good kind. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can get high quality studio monitors for half the prices that they’re suggesting. Below you’ll see our list of suggestions for the best studio monitors under 500.

Investing in studio monitors does not mean that you’ll be poor afterwards, you just have to look into the quality and features of the model and find the one that will suite your needs. We have a few suggestions that you can choose from below. behringer_truth_b1031a

Mackie CR4 4-Inch Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

First of all, if you have a painfully small room and you just need a neutral sounding studio monitor and not want to annoy your ears in the process then go for Mackie CR4. This particular model does not have colorization and it produces amazing sounds which is good for your entertainment. When compared to other studio speakers which are small in size, the Mackie CR4 has amazing frequency response; this is especially true for mid range and even high frequencies. You can avail a pair of Mackie CR4 for only $149.99, which is far less than what you initially thought of spending.

M-Audio BX5 D2 5” Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speaker580772

Revered by many users as a great studio monitor for entry level music production, the BX5 D2 is the best for those that want a studio monitor that’s focused on mid ranger. It’s amazing to use in vocal mixing, guitars and just about any other mid focused sound or instruments. When you look at the price range, you won’t even believe the whole frequency spectrum that they posses. Other than that, it has an amazing mid range and an average high frequency; the only real downside is that it can’t really handle the bass. The bass is not the worst, but it definitely isn’t the best either. The BX5 D2 can be yours for an affordable price of $149, its other features include a power indicator and a frequency response of 56 Hz – 22 kHz, a 5” mid frequency driver.

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