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If you are a coffee addict and need your caffeine fix no matter what, then a coffee maker is an absolute must have for you in your kitchen. It is an appliance which is used to brew coffee.  If you are planning to buy a new one for yourself, then a proper amount of research must be done to choose the best coffee maker from the hundreds which are available in the market. Earlier, pots and other cooking utensils were used generally for brewing coffee, but now, with the advancement of technology, coffee makers based on different principles have been launched. 2111014945817_3_29

The history of coffee maker machine goes back to about a century ago. The patent of a vacuum coffee maker is with Inez H. Pierce of Chicago. His design was later improved by Ivar Jepson, Ludvik Koci and Eric Bylund in the late 1930s. Several changes were being made in the original model and the improved design constituted of improved filtering mechanism. Following the changes and advancements in the technology, the coffee makers have gone through an entire process of evolution. The most popular coffee makers in the recent years are single – serve coffee makers. The technology used in these coffee makers let a fixed amount of water to be heated at a certain fixed temperature and then go through a coffee pod. It also has an air tight seal to ensure freshness. In these types of coffee makers, generally the cup size and strength of coffee to be brewed could be chosen. Also, these coffee makers could be used for both home as well as commercial purposes.55009368877e1-ghk-hamilton-beach-5-cup-coffeemaker-48136-s2

Now days even the design of coffee brewing machines has changed. With these changes, the problem of breakability and fragility has been changed and reduced to a great extent. Coffee is a mandatory part of morning routine for many people. When it comes to pick up a brewing machine for yourself, surely you would like to choose the best. Hamilton Beach coffee maker, Bonavita coffee maker, Bunn by Velocity Brew, Cuisinart DCC – 2650, Black & Decker DCM  18S Brew’n Go Personal Coffee Maker are a few coffee makers which have been voted and rated as the best of coffee makers which are generally available.

While the choice of coffee making machines differs from person to person, the general requirements which users prefer to have in their coffee makers are speed, convenience and taste that the machine produces when brewing the coffee. Also, the cost at which you buy the machine matters to a great extent. An automatic drip coffee maker is generally the most common and preferred type of coffee making machine. While searching for the one which best suits your requirements, do not settle for the one which do not fit in your criteria. After all, “you have to kiss many frogs before finding your prince”! Choose from the wide range of options available in the market and make sure that you get your daily caffeine fix in a good taste.

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