A Brief Review On Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners were first created in 1820 and since then they have gone through a lot of change and are now engineered to clean our homes for us all by their selves but not moving so ahead, there are still a lot of people who need to use manual cleaners all the time to keep their beloved homes clean and shiny. Vacuum cleaners can be used to clean all kinds of substances and are devices of great utility. Rainbow vacuums are pretty well known and have pioneered the market of vacuum cleaners with their brilliant designs and excellent customer service. Their products pretty much sell themselves and we have reviewed below some of their most well known devices so that you can choose which one do toured yourself.

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The SE PE Rainbow Vacuum cleaner is a brilliant addition to your home. It has a cleaning rate of 72 cubic feet¬† per minute. It recently went through some performance enhancements and that is what PE in it’s name stand for.

It got a new trigger power switch on the handle which will be very helpful when you want to suddenly cut the power off if the hose gets stuck on the stitching of your carpet.  It also changed its rectangular power hose to a smaller triangular one which gives it more power.


The E series went through a complete revamp and you will be really happens see the change it has gone through in its style, design, colour and power. They added a new dolly so that it fixes itself in its place and also added a new power switch and a Hepa Filter. They are a lot in demand due to their utility and you can that people are buying it even thought it costs them quiet a few hundred dollars.

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