Can’t Get Enough Of GTST Shortie?

Goede tijden, slechte tijden more popularly known as GTST literally translates to Good Times Bad Times. Ironic to this title the producers of the show have never seen bad times. GTST has been the most popular daily TV soap in the Netherlands for over 26 years now. As times have changed, the makers of the show have also introduced the gtst shortie to its viewers. GTST is not your average daily soap opera that focuses on family dramas and unnecessary over reactions to certain situations. GTST brings a lot of real life issues to the small screen and that is the reason many people connect with it on a daily basis.maxresdefault The issues revolve around homosexuality, drugs, prison, infidelity, death and many more. While the producers of the show try to keep the stories as real as possible, the actors improvise and make the show entertaining for the viewers. This has also increased the popularity of these actors in almost every household in Netherlands. The actors have a huge fan following and a lot of them are popular only because of this show. Some of these actors have dedicated their lives to the show. A classic example is Jette van der Meij who has been with the show since 1990. This has helped the audience connect with the show on a different tangent altogether. Most daily soaps change their actors every season making it difficult for audiences to have one favorite.maxresdefaults

However keeping the same actors improves continuity and helps the audience connect in a better way. Another amazing way for the audiences to connect with GTST is GTST shortie. Gtst shortie is a new concept which was introduced with a view to keep busy viewers informed about the latest events on the show. While Gtst is one of the most popular shows on television with around 1.5 million views per episode, a number of viewers often complained about missing episodes and not being able to watch the repeat telecast. This is when the producers decided to launch an online platform that will help viewers stay updated with the latest events on the show. Gtst shortie is a website where viewers can come and watch short clippings of the missed episodes.

These snippets or short episodes are not as long as the entire episode missed, but for an avid Gtst follower, it is more than enough to keep them updated on the latest happenings and events on the show. This helps them to stay updated even when they miss an episode. Gtst shortie has been highly appreciated by busy viewers who often missed episodes due to late working hours. It is convenient to use and a great way to keep the viewers interested in the show. The platform also showcases clips of upcoming episodes with a suspense factor in order to excite viewers and ensure they come back to see what’s happening. Gtst follows the season format that runs from September to June. The final episode of the last season ends in June and the show goes off air for three months before it comes back with a fresh season in September.

This allows the actors that are roped in for the new season to take a break, and also gives the viewers a break. This enables the show to build more excitement amongst viewers and keep them interested in the show. One of the main reasons for the show still being so popular is this break that keeps viewers interested. The producers also make it a point to end every season with a cliffhanger which makes the wait anticipated.

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