How To Choose A Business Phone System?

The success of business today depends primarily on a good communication system. And a good communication cannot thrive without a good business telephone systems. Thus, it is crucial to discuss how to choose a good phone system for your business. Before you decide to choose one, consider the following points-

  1. Are you looking for a complete phone system that would cover the physical office phones. Or your business would be good with just a virtual phone service that works with cell phones and does not need the traditional phone system.
  2. If you opt for the complete phone system, you will have to further decide on the kind of service. It can be either a traditional landline phone service that is provided by the phone company in that region or area. Another possible choice of phone service is the Voice over internet protocol system or Volp, that it is popularly called. The system runs with the help of internet.
  3. If you choose the Voice over internet protocol, you have to further decide whether you want it to be self hosted, i.e. set up the Volp system at the place of your business or you want to get it hosted by the service provider.


Types of Phone Systems:

The following are the popular type of phone systems

  1. Virtual Phone Systems- The general phone system where the phone line from work is connected to the workers on their respective cell phones or phones at home.
  2. Landlines- The traditional form of phone system that works on the support of the phone company of the region.
  3. Volp Phone systems- A volp phone system uses the internet connection of the company to make calls that are free of cost.

After you make the choice of Volp system, you need to further decide between a self -hosted Volp system or a Cloud based Volp system.


  • Self-Hosted Volp system-

In a self hosted Volp system, the business organization owns the equipment and pays for it. It is beneficial because in such a case you are in full control of the service. You do not have to rely on anyone else for its success.

  • Cloud Based Volp system-

In such a case the service provider is completely responsible for the equipment and houses it as well. The business organization is just required to pay a monthly fee.

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