Choosing The Right NEC Phone Systems

As one of the leading brands in manufacturing business phone systems, NEC prides itself in delivery of quality and unchallenged NEC phone systems. However, before the phone system is installed to your company, it is important to know which system is the most appropriate one for your type of business. The following are some few options to select from.

nec phones systems

NEC SL1100

This system is suitable for small businesses and some of the reasons that you may want to purchase it include:

  • It’s great value for money since it’s a powerful communication system with a very small price tag
  • Scalability of the system, which allows you to change as your business changes.
  • User-friendliness which makes it possible for all employees to use without too much extensive training
  • Improved productivity and efficiency whereby it is suited with advanced features and shortcuts that make the work easier and faster to be achieved.
  • Advanced handset features including speakerphone, caller identification, call hold, call transfer, all directory and much more.

NEC SV8100

This is now the perfect option for medium to large-scale businesses. Some of the features it has include:

  • Expandability which allows you to expand up to a maximum of 712 ports depending on how big or small your business is
  • Traditional voice support and VoIP for improved performance
  • Mobility which allows your staff as well as your customers well connected throughout
  • Wide variety of customizable NEC phone systems available with different features depending on your company’s engagements
  • Enhanced centralized management system that offers advanced functionalities as well as other applications which is the perfect option for large call centers and offices.
  • Advanced system features including PC attendant, automatic call distribution, instant messaging, auto attendant and much more.

nec phones systems


Choosing your most preferred NEC phone systems depends on the type of business you have and the type of information you handles. It also has a lot to do with the size and structure of the business.

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