Dallas Health Care Fraud: The Aftermath

Medicare is one of the primary means through which the American government helps to provide quality medical services to its citizens. This particular project is a social security insurance, which gives subsidies in the form of monetary aid and vouchers to those who need it. The provision of various medical needs, including hospitalization costs, medication, and the use of equipment are supported by Medicare. Dallas Health care defense mechanisms arose from the fact that this has been abused by so many people because of the fact that the aid is provided through monetary means.

How does Medicare Work?

Medicare is the United States’ way of providing quality health care for individuals aged 65 or older, who are American Citizens, and immigrants who have had citizenship in the US for at least 5 years. The benefits, which could be applied for and availed of are categorized into 4 parts, namely, Part A, which deals with patients who have been admitted in a hospital, and covers the costs that are associated with the admission, including daily rate of the room, medical services availed of, and the comprehensive coverage could amount to more than $1,288. Part B covers outpatients and covers a wide range of procedures which are deemed necessary and serves as a medical insurance which costs $121.80 monthly.


Part C, on the other hand, which is practically a form of upgrade for the previous two parts, and lastly, Part D, which began in 2006, aims to cover prescription drugs which can be availed of by enrolling in a standalone Prescription Drug Plan. The drugs covered are extensive, ranging from anti-cancer, anti-depressant, and immunosuppressant drugs which are used for HIV/AIDS.

Healthcare Fraud

Given that insurance works by paying people out money, there are instances where officials and medical or health care practitioners get tempted with overcharging patients in order to get some more money out of the patient. Healthcare Defense mechanisms, therefore, are already being considered, as up to millions of dollars could potentially be robbed from the government if these insurances are left unattended, or if authorities are being too lax when it comes to checking into the money which they pay out as a form of help.


One of the biggest healthcare fraud cases to ever happen was in Denver, where close to $900 million was obtained from fraud, through a series of false claims, series of briberies, and false signatures.

Healthcare Fraud Defense

As with all other crimes, no matter how big or how small it is, one of the best things you could possibly do is to contact a legal counsel which specializes in large-scale fraud. While several law offices enable you to do so, choose one which specializes in this, and laws concerning insurance fraud. Moreover, the moment you detect of sense any form of Healthcare Fraud, the FBI could be easily contacted through their official email and through calling their hotlines in order for you to report the suspected fraud.

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