Different Gadget Insurance Companies

In our modern society we are becoming more and more dependent on our gadgets for our daily work. Biggest example is our smartphones without which we cannot live for a minute. Other gadgets are laptops, digital cameras, kindles, smart televisions, etc. Almost every gadgets come with warranty of around one year but it generally covers technical and software problems. To secure our gadgets form other loss like theft, accidental damage of hardware and liquid damage we need outside insurance services. Not only that gadget insurance secures gadgets other than original warranty it also increases the span of security.


There are many online and offline options available for gadget insurance. Few most popular online insurance available are New India Assurance Company, SYSKA Gadget secure, On Site Secure, Gadget Cops, Quick Heal Gadget Securance, etc. Every company differs in their policies and coverage. Not all brands are covered by all companies nor all type of gadgets. One has to take care while buying insurance for all of their gadgets. It is difficult to buy different policies for different gadgets so one insurance for all gadgets are much better and advisable.

This can be explained with an example


Onsitego.com is an online insurance company which provide insurance and extended warranty for gadgets like smartphones, cameras and laptops. It provides onsite support for the gadgets and extended warranty for hardware failure, errors, touch screen issues and antivirus, etc. They provide services like replacement of gadgets and repairs of parts. They have various plans of different features, we can choose according to our needs. Here we can see the features of onsitego.com insurance company and we can compare it with other gadget insurance companies and can determine which is best suited for us. There are many companies which are competing for best service to their clients.

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