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EA sports is a well known company who is known for making some really cool games for the people. There are many amazing games which this company has made till date and people have really loved the games which are made by them. One such game by EA sports which is highly loved by the people all over the world is this Madden Mobile. This game like other EA Sports games is based on the sports only.madden-mobile

Info about the Madden Mobile

This Madden Mobile is a video game which is based on the American Football sports and the National football league. This game was released on August 26, 2014 and since then millions of people have downloaded this game on their mobile phones and have loved this game too. The good thing about this game by EA Sports is that this is available to be played at different platforms. This means that a person who is using the smart phone can download this game from the Play Store and the person who is using the I phone can download it from the Apple store. Being the sports the game, this Madden Mobile like all other games of the EA sports has a really good game play and the graphics of this game are also quite natural and amazing.

More about the Madden Mobile

This game by EA sports has been downloaded by the millions of people and the rating of this game provided by its users is also pretty good which proves that this game is actually a really good game. For the sports lovers, this game is completely a treat to play as this game is highly addictive and can make a person easily engaged with it for hours. There are a lot of different features which are present in this Madden Mobile which makes this game even better. Also to improve the experience of playing for its users, EA Sports keep on bringing updates in this game, which regularly keeps on improving this game.madden-mobile So if anyone is the lover of the sports games and especially the games which are developed by the EA sports, this game is surely a must to download game. This Madden Mobile game has a lot of amazing things in it which are more than enough to surprise you while playing this awesome mobile video game.

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