Everything You Must Know About the Exciting Game Called Happy Wheels

These days, there are a lot of games that are mushrooming in the online and in the offline world day by day. These games have different themes and genres, of course. There are those word games that will test the higher level of intelligence within you, and there are also those games that you might find a little boring on your part when you play them. One extremely exciting game that is available today is the happy wheels. It is actually a ragdoll physics-based game that is made available for web browsers, Android, and iOS devices. Originally, it was just developed for web browser that was released way back on June 4, 2010. Later on however, it has undergone some great game innovations in order for it to be available in some other platforms like iOS and Android devices. While there was no exact release date for the Androids, the iOS version of this game was released way back on August 19, 2015.005_maxresdefault Needless to say, without the great effort of its creator, this game would have never existed, and this would have never enjoyed by a lot of gaming enthusiasts all over the world. Its brilliant developer is none other than the renowned game software making company known as the Fancy Force, LLC. Jason Schymick and Jim Bonacci are the two brilliant men behind this excellent game developing company. These two men also happened to be the designers of this game. In other words, without their great efforts, this game would never come into existence.

The Gameplay of the Happy Wheels

The truth is, Happy Wheels is just a single player game, so there is no way you can enjoy it with your friends. You can still enjoy it with friends, but only if you have individual personal computer or Android or iOS devices. This game is known for its famous tagline that goes, “Choose your inadequately prepared racer, and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory!” Such tagline is implying something, which are the important things that you need to do in order to enjoy this game. It says that you have to choose your own character, which is the very first thing that you need to do. There are four animated characters that you can choose from, and each of these characters is having their own vehicle that is extremely important in winning this particular exciting game. You can choose the character that is riding on a wheel chair, on a scooter, on a bicycle, or the character that is driving a grocery cart. It is all up to you which one to choose.006_maxresdefault

Right after choosing your own character, you will then be redirected to the starting point of the game. In order to make your character and its vehicle move, you need to press the “SPACE” key in your computer keyboard. The arrow keys will also help in controlling the vehicle driven by your character. In case you want to go forward, then you need to press the right arrow or the arrow that directs you to move forward. And if you need to move backward, you just need to press the left arrow. To give your more guides, the “SPACE” key is for the primary actions of the game, while the “Shift” and the “Control” keys are for the secondary actions. The “Letter Z” is another key for the primary actions of the game. For you to know, the “SPACE” bar is also to activate the special ability of the character.

The Different Levels of the Happy Wheels

Needless to say, there are different levels involved for this particular exciting game. Every level of this game has a very important role in the actual gameplay of the game. Apart from the type of level that you choose, the character that you have chosen will also affect the entire gameplay of this amazing game. The very first level of the Happy Wheelsis the “Obstacle Course”. The other levels that follow the Obstacle Course are the “Gut Bus Extreme!”, “BMX_Park II”, “SnowyMountain*final*”, “Dawn of the Dead.lv1”, “A Large Satan Eats u”, “TrapTrac”, “IT KEEPS HAPPENING!”, and “Rope Swings”.

Actually, if you think that you do not need to ride on a vehicle of your character in a certain level, you can simply eject your animated character from its vehicle. Before playing this game, it is also very important for you to know that your game goal may also vary depending on the level that you are trying to play. Even so, the main goal of almost all of the game levels is to collect as many tokens as you can, while touching the finish line. In other words, it is just like you are having a race with some imaginary competitors. You need to do your best in touching the finish line as shorter time period as possible. Nevertheless, you should also know that there are some levels that will require the players for an alternate goal or a nonexistent goal. What you might just do is to keep moving forward, and collect all the tokens that may come your way.

Knowing Some Things During Its Development Stage

Jim Bonacci, whom is one of the designers of the game, is actually an Indie game developer. He is the main artist of this game and one of the two brilliant programmers. It was way back in the year 2006 when Jim started developing this exciting game. He was inspired to create this game after knowing and experiencing the other kinds of ragdoll physics-based games that are developed by others. Good examples are the games created by his boss and his friend at the same time, whom is none other than Alec Cove. At first, he just tried creating a small game on his own in order to see if he can really develop a great game that can be played by many gamers. But as much as his surprise, the game became a hit and became the popular topic of a number of gamers in the entire world.

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