Expensive Versus Cheap E-Liquids

Electronic cigarettes are fueled by what we know as e-juice or e-liquids. They contain the nicotine solution and flavoring for the electronic cigarettes and the vapor from this e-liquid produces the smoke that is like the smoke produced by the regular cigarettes.All liquids have the same bases which are composed of Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. Sometimes both are being added. The last ingredient is the flavoring. However, even if all e-liquids have these materials as bases there are still differences and it can be seen especially in the difference between cheap e liquid and expensive e-liquid. cheap-e-liquid-uk


Price is the first thing that buyers notice when they are choosing their e-liquids. You might be able to notice that there are brands that sell 10 mL bottles $3 while other brands offer their 10 mL bottles for $30. This might be because for expensive brands they are using ingredients that have higher quality compared to the cheaper brands. Higher quality also means that the ingredients used to make the product are a lot safer.

However, this is always not the case. There are some brands like Dekang which defied this kind of stereotype. Even if their products are very affordable, they are also of very high quality. So it price does not necessarily equal quality.premium-ejuice-deal


E-liquids are sometimes about the flavor. This is where cheap and expensive e-liquids greatly differ. There are some affordable brands that offer a variety of flavor. However, they do not really have a unique flavor that cannot be found in other brands. On the other, expensive brands have the capacity to use high-grade materials and professionals to make a unique flavor. But choosing a brand of e-liquid, may it be cheap or expensive, is just all about your personal preference.

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