Find Out The Best Running Application For Android Device

A few years ago, people are not required any single purpose tangential to track down their running, but after the advent of Android Smartphone Apps tracking of running has become easier and faster than ever. The Android Smartphone users have a variety of choices indeed in regards to running apps. People can browse across the different running apps for Android at RunningLikeAPro website. Most of the applications are feature rich with latest stat tracking facility, while other apps are more of fun games to distract the runners during their workout session. Below is the list of some popular and widely used running apps for android.


RunKeeper is the most popular and widely installed running app for Android users. This running application helps the users to track down their running habit. It is a free and feature rich running application. It helps you to track your running, jogging and even cycling habits. This application also allows you to share your running records through social platforms. This application comes with great set of stats that allow you to view your progress and pace, thereby helping you to better understanding how you are performing. RunKeeper also allows its users to store all the running stats on their website and it can be viewed from anywhere whenever they require.


Adidas Train and Run

This is another popular fitness application for Android users that primarily focuses on running. This application has been designed with a complete set of free training programs that can help the users to get in shape and lead a healthy life ahead. It allows the android users to use their GPS in a bid to track their pace, route and distance covered. This application has been designed to compatibly work with company’s Fit Smart device, but you are not restricted to use of company’s device instead you can also use other devices which work smoothly with it.


This is basically the social running application that helps you easily track down the duration, speed and distance you cover daily. This application helps you to create your own routes and also you can challenge your times and also challenge your friends who run with you. This is a feature rich application for android users that comes with audio couch, send pep talks to friends, track hydration and more. The interesting feature of the application is that it allows you to track the people’s time on that route and test it against yours. People who prefer socializing while running may install this free application on their device.


Zombies, Run!

This is the most recently launched running application for Android and Windows. Initially, it was only available for iOS users. But now this application was out for android users as well. This application makes running a fun game because the users are required to run from Zombies as fast as they can. This application is quite different from other running application because it makes your morning jogging into a story about survival from zombies.

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