About Firmex And Their Virtual Data Rooms

Firmex among the best providers of virtual data rooms, not only are they able to offer effective solutions, customers service representatives take a more personalized approach with the complaints and concerns of every client unlike other providers; they’re aware that no two clients have the exact same concerns and requirements. As someone in search for quality, Firmex virtual data room should be at the top of the list of recommendations. For those who heard of Firmex only now, we’re here to introduce them to you.

Firmex Virtual Data Room


Employing up-to-date technology, hiring experts and keeping up with improvements has allowed Firmex to facilitate virtual data rooms that safely secures huge amount of data; other virtual data room providers are not as secure or practical according to reviews from actual users. Apart from firewall and other standard protection, Firmex also sought out the services of third party protection. Get ready to be amazed with efficient features, unlimited storage, users and 24/7 access to customer assistance and training for a considerable price.


  • No limits in terms of file size.
  • Comments and tags are easily searchable.
  • Compatible with almost any device including PC, Mac and iPads.
  • Supports multi-browser
  • Drag and drop features for uploading files.
  • Documents may be viewed in native formats.
  • User have the option to apply creative watermarks.
  • Documents can be locked by computer and IP address.

  • Disable screen captures at all times.
  • Owners can choose to be notified whenever files are edited or uploaded.
  • Customer service available 24/7 with a guaranteed 15-minute response time.
  • Never experience the annoying phone transfers, only talk to a single person every time.
  • Security redundancy and numerous firewall protection.
  • Top of the line anti-virus scanning, detection and protection.
  • Comes with a complimentary set up of the virtual data room.
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