FPV Drones Racing Series

In recent year after success of CCTV cameras as the security solutions, range of drones with quality to spy or fly over different altitudes to examine temperature and other changes as per the requirement of the buyer, manufacturing Drones is the new high in demand business in the market. Undoubtedly, FPV in the recent year emerges as one of the best drone manufacturing company, as part of the new sports element launching, FPV has launched series of drones as drone racer.best-fpv-racing-drone-466x351As the name carries racer tag, these drones are available with characteristics to fly with great speed and can be used to race and play with set of friends. If you want to add more features to your drone racer you can attach it with camera for recording the videos and photos with just control with hands.walkera-f210-58g-fpv-hd-camera-sp-racing-f3-flight-controller-racing-drone-with-devo7

FPV Drones Models

There is different range of models available as toys or professional drone usage, here are the list of top grossing drone racer models available under FPV.

  • New Long Distance lark FPV Racing Drone- The racing drone are available with wi-fi and fpv camera for recording and speed on the go, power is marked by battery with 3.7V and 720P resolution of the camera.
  • FPV Camera Headless Mode- The airplane model type FPV racing drone is available with black and white color with style Radio Control Toy and type of material used as plastic.
  • FPV Flags and Gates for Outdoor Drone-If you want to choose outdoor racing of FPV racing drone model, different sized drone with custom color and better remote based control offers exciting affordable range of models combined with usage game match, decoration, promotion, trade show and display.

All the available series of options as drone racer offers extended 2 years warranty based on promotional offer.

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