A Guide To Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Goose hunting is an ever famous sport that can be enjoyed by either professionals or hobbyists. There was actually a time when the Snow Geese were near extinction, but now there’s just too much of them. Due to their ever growing number, the federal government has approved an extension to their hunting season. The government hopes that the said extension would make a dent in their population. In the central Mississippi flyways alone, the population has reached to more than 5 million geese. Hunting Snow Geese in the spring has been approved for many years now.

If you’re interested in getting professional guides while you and your companions go Snow Goose hunting, then you should definitely go to Top Guns Guide Service. In case you’re interested then read on to know more about the guide and the schedules that they offer.

Top Guns Guide Service


Basically, the spring snow goose hunts that Top Guns Guide Service offer take place in Southern Illinois. You’ll be surrounded by around five refugees and two major rivers; these rivers provide some of the greatest opportunities to shoot quite a number of snow geese that go out to eat. They selected amazing private fields where the Ohio River meets the Mississippi River. Highly depending on the crop rotation, you and your companions will hunt on dry wheat or even corn fields.

Each of the said fields will have about 1500 to 2000 decoys set up specifically for the snow geese. Other ways that they use to entice the snow geese are kites and various tricks. These kinds of hunts are highly recommended to those who also love waterfowl hunting.

Additional Information

The kids who are 16 years old and younger are only charged $100 a day, to be able to shoot out the pits they need be at least 5 ft in height. As for the adults, the following will apply;

  • Monday to Friday $150 per person
  • Saturday to Sunday $175 per person


Take note that there should be a deposit of 50% a person and it’s non refundable. In order to reserve a spot they will require the deposit for the booking. Also, the lodging needs to be fully paid due to the fact that they only have limited beds. The whole balance of the fee is due at your arrival. For instance, you booked two o even more days then the deposit will apply for the second or third day.  They guarantee to keep your hunting dates for around 15 days after you booked and before they receive your deposit. In cases where the deposit is not received within 15 days, then the dates you initially reserved will be offered to other interested parties. They accept payments via credit card, check, money order and others. Remember, no pay, no hunt and no exceptions. Sure, the snow goose season begins during February, but any cancellations are required to be made at least 10 days before the scheduled spring snow goose hunt.

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