Holiday Your Tour To Phuket

Phi Phi Islands should definitely be in your travel destinations next time when you are planning for a holiday next time. This archipelago is a part of Thailand and is located between Phuket and Krabi in the Andaman Sea. This group of islands falls under the administration of Krabi province and is just a 2 hour boat ride from Phuket. You can easily plan a koh Phi Phi cheap tours from Phuket for a day and the packages start around $70 to $80 depending on the kind of travel and accommodations. There is no traffic in the islands and everything is in walking distance, the island is perfect for you if you are into water sports.



The islands can be visited all around the year and is packed during the Christmas holiday time so we would advise you to book some lodging before you go because we have seen many people return due to lack of accommodations.

The closest airport to Phi Phi Island is either Phuket or Krabi though most people prefer Phuket due to its popularity as a tourist destination. The most common way to travel to the islans would be the daily and scheduled ferries and boats that leave from the mainland for Phi Phi. It is a beautiful two hour journey. If you want a more private journey and have a big group then you can charter your own boat or speedboat and leave anytime you want. A new service of air travel has also started from the Phuket airport and you can travel to the islands by air but this is yet limited. The commercial boats are very cheap and hardly cost $6 per person for the ride.


You can get various kinds of accommodation on Phi Phi starting from basic rooms with just a ceiling fan to hotels with private swimming pool, lounge, good service and great food. So you can choose according to your interest but you will be rarely stating inside because there is so much to do. Food is a very important part of our travels. If you want to eat at a civilized place for reasonable price then Grand Bleu would be perfect and Tonsai Sea Food restaurant for some good seafood. There is Matt’s Joint for BBQ food and Cosmic or Mamamito restaurant for Italian food.


Phi Phi is beautiful blend of nature and western culture. During there the days there are loads of activities that you can do like snorkelling, rock climbing, diving. You can even go island hopping and sun bath on the beach and enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the Maya Beach. The lifestyle is very chilled so you can be laid off all day enjoying the natural beauty of the place. During the night you can attend the amazing parties that are held on the beach or else if you are a quite person you could go a bit inland and there will be a lot of quiet places for your mood. The water is not of good quality though as it is only surrounded by the sea all around and the water is salty. So save up on the fresh water.

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