How To Eliminate Plagiarism

The human mind is capable of many astonishing phenomena and many of these have paved the path of progress for mankind. The creative genius of this mind gave birth to every invention, art, culture and accomplishment that exists and this is no miracle. Creativity is valued even today, as the world progresses towards a brighter tomorrow, but unfortunately plagiarism also breeds like a weed in this society. For instance, even a college professor finds it necessary to use an academic plagiarism checker to evaluate submissions fairly. If someone can copy somebody else’s material for something as trivial as a college submission where the stakes are comparatively lower, can you imagine the temptation when one can gain credit for something much more substantial, say a research paper or invention? Plagiarism is nothing short of a crime and it must be uprooted before it stunts the growth of mankind with its vicious claws.plagiarism checker softwareOriginality is what validates any work and plagiarism is the exact opposite of this. It is defined as the wrongful stealing or publication of another author’s ideas or words and it has been deemed immoral. Fortunately for us, we have the repository of knowledge called the internet to assist us in battling this. Work that gets published online can be copied easily but we now have plagiarism checkers which are specialized detectors that can spot instances of plagiarism.

Plagiarism detectors are software tools that use a number of complex algorithms to spot similarities between documents. Some of the techniques used are fingerprinting, string matching, bag of words analysis, citation analysis and so on. Most detection systems possess a large database of information and they compare the submitted document to every piece in the database before finally adding it to the database. Thankfully, a number of free detection systems are available on the internet today.plagiarism checker softwareThus, plagiarism must be fought not because copying is a crime, but because originality should command respect and never lose its value. Don’t you agree with me?

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