How To Play Defence In Basketball

No game can be won by only having good attackers. It must be combined with good defense to at least prevent the opponents from scoring after you score. It is believed that a good attack only wins games, but a good defense they say wins championships. This is a famous saying when describing those teams that have been doing well in basketball at all levels that they play. But surprisingly still, most coaches and players don’t make more effort to strengthen their defense when developing their games. However, for a basketball team to be strong and to become complete and also well-rounded in all aspects of the game, both players and coaches must dedicate much of their time in learning how to play basketball defense because it is very critical to their success.


The following are tips on how you can play a good basketball defense:

how to play defense in basketball ?

Keep Low

You should begin with your shoulders lower than the opponent. This is normally referred to as the shoulders game. By doing this ahead of the opponent and then continuously throughout the penetration and drive, you are more likely to get to the spot before the opposition. Usually keep your head lower than the opposition player’s head. In this way you are definitely getting underneath the other player and will be in good position to slide your feet or take a charge. When the ball is directly above the head, you should keep your hands under the ball and flip up so that it can keep you out of foul trouble and also keep the opponent from bringing the ball down to shooting position.

Be at the Arm’s Length

Never start too close or too far away from the opponent because by beginning too close they might drive by you. And if you begin too far the chance are that they will shoot. The best thing is to begin at least an arm’s length away.

Short steps

Always keep in mind about your footwork because taking long steps will definitely hinder your progress while defending drives. Usually take shorter steps.

Active Hands

Make sure you keep your hands active throughout the match. While on the ball your hands are busy, but you must also remember to use your hands while defending the penetration. In the process of defending the drive, poke the ball out with your bare hand, and then use your deflection hand to block passes or quick shots.

When the ball is below the mid-section, you must put your hand above the ball. This prevents the opponent from putting it in shooting position. If the ball is in shooting position, put your hand on the ball. This will stop the player from shooting and you never have to leave your feet.


Get in Shape

Strong core muscles are very necessary in the defensive work. Thus, your hips and buttocks must always be strong and should enable you to get balanced and able to move quickly in lateral motions. The purpose of every offensive move is to get you off balance because when you lose balance, the opponent is always blowing by you.

In order to develop the proper defensive stance, you have to find out if your opponent is right handed or left handed and then try to force him to his weak side. When your hand is at the middle, you be able to steal the ball if the opponent crosses over you. This is the best way to become a great defender, just by knowing your opponent.


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