The Importance Of Using A Quiet Helmet

Riding with a quiet helmet is very important. The damage due to wind noises not only leads to hearing loss but these are irreversible permanent damage. That’s why it’s very important to use helmets which are designed to reduce the noise.

Aerodynamics is the thing that makes a helmet quiet. There are many reasons for noise creation and some them are.

Wind Noise

There are small gaps or places in a helmet that can lead to the creation of noise in the helmet. The gap between the helmet and neck is one such place through which wind can pass in and cause noise.

Engine Noise


The noise of engine can vary depending on the speed of the motorcycle and is one of the leading causes for the noise in the helmet.

Poorly Fitted Helmet

A poorly fitted helmet can leave gaps which will allow the wind to pass through and cause noise in the helmet. When purchasing a helmet look for one which doesn’t has too much gap between the neck and helmet and has ear padding.

Most of the helmets are designed for preventing injuries during an accident. Very few manufacturers pay attention to noise reducing design for the helmets. Schuberth and Shoei are the two helmet manufacturer who specialize in quiet helmet. They are the most trusted and reliable when it comes to choosing the quietest helmets. Schuberth also provided a wind tunnel in its helmets which no other manufacturer provides and they are the only manufacturer to list how loud their helmets are at different speeds. Some of the things to avoid when purchasing a quiet helmet are if they have big external vents, can the air pass through your neck into the helmet, is there any gap in the visor seal and if the helmet will poorly fit on your head.


Ear plugs also help in reducing the noise while riding your motorcycle and can reduce the noise by a large amount. Wind noise in the helmet shouldn’t be taken lightly as it will lead to permanent hearing loss and once you suffer from hearing loss the damage will be permanent. Thats why choose from one of the quiet helmets we are going to tell you about before it’s too late.

  1. Schuberth C3 Pro

Schuberth is a German manufacturer of helmets and have been making helmets for almost ninety years now. They design all their helmets with aerodynamics. The C3 is available in black and grey and weighs 3.58 lbs. It is also DOT certified. It’s decibel rating is 82 dB at 100 mph. The C3 is also very famous and is thought of as the quietest helmet in the industry.

  1. Shoei Qwest


Shoei is a Japanese manufacturer who is famous for making high quality helmets. The Qwest is available in various colors and weighs approximately 7 pounds. It has a wide eye port which helps in seeing better.

  1. Arai Signet Q

The Signet Q is manufactured by Arai Helmet, Ltd. who are famous for making all the helmets by hand. This is also a Japanese company. It weighs 4.7 lbs and is available in yellow and some other colors. The Signet is a very comfortable and quiet helmet.

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