Know warts and fight them best

In recent survey, around the whole world more than 60% of the population is suffering from the skin disease known well in the medical terms with name warts. You must be thinking what warts are and how they affect us, for more information about the infection, you must visit  Warts explained in general statements are unnatural growths of skin appeared on the body with cauliflower like form. The common areas that are infected with the warts are neck, face, stomach, hands, legs and feet. 012_450

Reasons causes Warts formation

Virus Infection are not easy to get rid of, the common virus that causes the infection is HumanPapilloma Virus or in simple terms known as HPV. The virus affects people with unhygienic ways of living and dealing with daily usage items. Most commonly they affect us with unwashed shaving blades, unclean showers, swimming pools and wet towels. HPV virus also causes to come in frequent contact with people suffering from HPV virus. Warts formation are ugly and irritable also, in some of the cases they are painful also.006_450

Different types of Warts

Mainly there are two types of Warts that affects human body, to know more in detail you can visit Here are the most usual and common available list of warts.

Plantar’s Warts: These warts affect the feet on the side or bottom of the feet, as it is in the lower part of the feet, walking or even standing for a while becomes painful. These are yellowish in color and are contagious in nature.

Flat Warts: Flat warts are generally smooth and oval or round in shape in general. These warts affect body with several appearances mostly 50 to 100 at a time. These warts are appears on the face of women, under beard of men and sometime on the legs of women.

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