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The attractive waterfront property in the north Richmond area of California is flourishing with the up and coming residential estate called the Parc Riviera. This property is indeed appealing in its style and has the facilities which are matchless. The sections of the residential plots have the following areas-kitchen, living room, dining area and bathrooms. Each of this segment is designed with the help of the latest furnishings and there is also the laundry areas which make this place really convenient and pleasant.

Other important sections in the house!

Apart from the above segments, the downstairs portion of the house is intelligently designed in a way that has got the space to park the cars as well in the garages there. On the upstairs there is a master bedroom which is equipped with the furnishings that are great and classy. The second bedroom in the house is also having the bathroom which also comes out as really spacious and well-furnished.


One of the striking parts of the house is the patio which is spacious enough to enjoy your solitude. In the house there are several amenities which you are going to love and they are matchless when it comes to comfort and convenience. Apart from that there are several other things that you can check out for:

  • Rooms are spacious and the ceilings are at 9 foot
  • Lease term of one year
  • A built in microwave makes it easier for you to save space in your house
  • Houses are built on the three levels
  • Beautiful counter tops made of quartz
  • You can access the streets
  • Dishwasher
  • 2 parking lots for each house
  • You can also keep your pets with the approval of the owner if you live on rent at this place
  • Appliances made of steel
  • Patio
  • The houses are south facing
  • Fridge


High quality building amenities

The housing areas are full of the amenities which you will surely fall in love with and the building material employed includes the following:

  • A meeting room
  • A storage area for your bikes
  • Lap pool
  • Gym area

Tenancy policies followed here

Being a no smoking area, you are not required to smoke and that forms a solid ground for the eviction area. Tenants are required to show the proof of their insurance when they are moving in the house property.

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