Minecraft: Why Is It So Popular?

While there are so many computer games available, not many get to hit or surpass the 20 million mark in terms of sales nationwide. A lot of these games, whether popular or not all have a common formula. Most of these games have an end goal, which is either to conquer a certain place or to defeat a certain enemy. The catch is though, once you achieve this goal, more often than not, you lose interest in the game. Minecraft’s popularity is evidenced by the presence of Minecraft Servers in large numbers. There are so many sites which are dedicated to hosting minecraft games of various themes, further justifying this claim. The following are just some of the reasons why this game is so popular.


Your Game, Your Rules

While some games are conformed to a particular aim or so, with Minecraft, there practically are no rules. You can set your own objectives, set your own goals, construct, smelt, or make your own tools and infrastructure. The gaming possibilities are all practically endless, and you can play for whatever purpose you wish to play for.

Virtually Endless Gaming Possibilities

Different Minecraft servers could offer you different themes. Some of which, are adopted from the most popular series there is nowadays, The Walking Dead. There are also different methods of game play, from tutorials for beginners, to Survival, Hardcore, Creative, Spectator, or Demo Modes, to suit different moods, preferences, and proficiencies.


Option to Play Alone or with Friends 

One important element among games which is crucial to its success is its ability to be played with several others. This helps prevent the game from becoming repetitive, monotonous, and boring. These servers, apart from giving you themed games, allows you to play with others and gain friends as well, thus giving a whole new dynamic to the game.

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