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Many of the online role playing games today involves a certain but vain aspects in our lives, those typical games where your avatar starts off as a nobody and you help them gradually build their fame and fortune until you reach the top. They’re famous for a reason, it’s quite satisfying to see your character become better than the rest, it becomes a sort of achievement for the players. One of these famous role-playing game is Movie Start Planet, we suggest that you a visit website or two that can teach you other kinds of strategies in order to reach the top faster.

We’re here to provide you with a brief guide as to what Movie Start Planet is all about. Other than that, we’ll share with you some of the information and details regarding the game that you might also like to know.



When you play Movie Star Planet, you have to create a virtual movie star, this virtual movies star will be used in movies and in chat rooms. You virtual companion can ear Fame and StartCoin when you participate in any of the activities presented in the game; just to be clear, StarCoins are one of the types of in-game money in Movie Start Planet.

Aside from the activities, these StarCoins can also be earned whenever other players take time to watch some of your published movies and decide to give you autographs. StarCoins are also earned whenever players participate in the chat rooms. Obviously, your virtual movie star would have to start at the bottom of the rankings, level 0 to be exact and you can increase their level by earning more and more Fame.


Whenever you progress to a new level, you also unlock new animations as well as gain the ability to participate in chat rooms that were originally reserved for high level movies starts. The StarCoins that you earn can be used to purchase new clothes, animations, costumes, backgrounds for movies, props and even music for the movies that you’ll create. Aside from the tools that can help you improve your movies, you can also enhance the appearance of your virtual character’s home.

Creating a Movie


Once you’ve already created your virtual character, you can begin creating movies in order to earn more Fame and StarCoins. Click the ‘New Movie’ button and head to the ‘Creative’ area. First you’ll have to select about 6 movie stars that’ll star in your movie. The movie stars you selected will be lined up so you can easily change their clothes in order to fit the idea you had in mind.

After all the appearance touch ups, a Movie Studio is displayed, there you’ll direct each and every scene as well as select animations and lines. You should be able to see a timeline at the bottom of the page, use it to select and decide proper time for each scene. When you’re done, simply publish the movie and click the ‘Send to Friends’ button.

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