Next Level Gymnastics

Some of the most beautiful gymnastics routines are performed bars .There are three gymnastic bars, first one is uneven bars. Second is the horizontal bar and the last one is the parallel bars. Uneven bars are set of two bars set at different heights. The first one is normally set in such a way that it can be easily grabbed while the second bar is set a bit higher so that there are no accidents because of the bars while performing.


While performing on the bars, uneven bars or other, the gymnast is not allowed to land or touch the ground after the launch until their routine is finished. There are parallel bars, both the bars are set at equal heights and mostly male gymnasts performs on parallel bars. In the end is the horizontal – most simple looking and the hardest to score on, there is not much scope for creativity or experiments as if are just a single bar.

On the horizontal bar gymnast can do swinging, swirling, changing directions, hand stand and giants i.e. the revolution. The best score in the games of gymnastics is ‘10’ which can be more easily scored on the uneven bars than the parallel bars or horizontal bar. Other than bars there are other things such as still rings, balance bean and the floor practice. Gymnastics is a great game and has secured its place in the Olympics game since the beginning of the modern Olympics games itself.


When one can score good marks in these events. However, simplest of mistakes can ruin the score and performance as well. In 1960’s Olympics the first time participating Russian gymnast Olga Corbet lost her position in the games because of a simple mistake. While performing on uneven bars just after starting her performance she landed on the ground and started again. As I mentioned earlier there are no simple or small mistakes in the gymnastics, only mistakes which she paid for by not getting medal.

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