Paying Back Debts Is Possible Even In Worst Scenarios

Debts are financial struggles that burden your mind, life and purse. To help you through these troubling moments, the DAS is the debt arrangement scheme by the Scottish Government that can help you tide over these tough moments and come out a winner.

The DAS works under a debt payment plan (DPP) by which you have to pay a monthly payment to your creditors according to your disposable income. Your disposable income will be what is left with you after meeting your basic bills and food bills. This amount will also be what you can afford to repay and melt the mounting debts which had remained as a huge mountain into a small hill that will keep melting over the years. Once your DPP is approved, all the interest, penalties fees and other charges will be frozen. Through this agreement your creditors cannot take any legal action against you.

DPP Proposal for Debtors

The DPP contains information regarding the amount that has to be paid by you to your customers, details regarding your creditors, the amount that you have agreed to pay on a monthly basis or on a weekly basis, the stipulated time by which you will be paying the installment and other such details regarding your payment. By paying this amount throughout the duration of your DPP, you can easily repay your debts. However, if the DPP does not get approved you will revert to the original situation and the creditor can take action against you and your assets. That is where we step in.


Visit us at to give you some assistance to help you tide over these difficult times. Our experts have much experience to give you a lending hand too. We have assisted many people who have struggled with their debts to help them come out of such financial strains. The DPP proposal has also helped many creditors get back their debts. Creditors can recover more than 90% of their debts. It is a big relief to creditors as money which was almost written off as void or as bad debt can be recovered easily without much strain on their part.

Debt Payment in easy installment


Debts are a part of modern life. You need not feel miserable over the huge financial strain that has occurred and is accruing at a high speed. DAS is the best solution to overcome such strain. As a person living in Scotland it is a good measure taken by the government to lend a helping hand to those living in such financial stress. It is time you took that immediate step to set things right. DAS provides help through DPP by which individuals have benefitted. Joint DPP can also be applied for by which couples can jointly strive to repay debts by monthly installments from their disposable income. Business DAS is useful for businessmen to repay debts especially when their business flounders through excess debts and interest is high.

There is a solution for every problem and the best solution for huge debts is DAS.

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