Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator Hack And Strategies

Since PweDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is a famous game worldwide, it’s not really that surprising that tons of tips, hacks, cheats and strategies would surface online. People who post them are mostly those that want to share what they discovered through their personal experience with the game. So we’ll share with you some of PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator hack and strategies that worked best for other players. Take note that these are all legal and won’ get you banned in any way; it’s heartbreaking to lose an account where you have invested tons of time and effort on.

Just a brief game introduction, PweDiePie’s Tuber Simulator basically lets your virtual avatar live the life of an aspiring internet star. You make the trendiest videos in order to gain the most viewers and subscribers. Don’t forget to purchase additional items and upgrades for your humble room in order to increase your level, viewers and skills. You goal is to have the best channel out there, yes even better than PweDiePie’s in-game channel.


Unlocking Social Features and Visiting Rooms

If you want to get some extra stuff in the game for free, unlock the social features. To do this, visit the ‘Friends’ icon and simply create your account; create an account by logging in Game Center and adding a channel name, of course you’re required to add some friends. For those of you who don’t have any other virtual friends, enter PewDiePie’s name under the ‘Connect with Friends’; or you can think of a crazy nickname and we’re sure someone’s bound to register under that name.

Your in-game friends are able to send you all kinds of gifts aside from the gifts that you’ll receive when you visit their rooms. There are also a couple of quests that require you to visit a few rooms. If you’re ready to visit a friend’s room, just click the ‘Connect with friends’ option and click their names on the list.


Enjoy the Puggle Game

Whenever you buy an item from your store that can take a few minutes to arrive, you can play the Puggle mini game which immediately appears on the bottom of your screen. You don’t really have to do anything aside from paying the fee and watching the pug roll on like a pinball. The Puggle mini game not only lessens the shipping time for the item you purchased but you can even gain a few views and even Bux. There are varying fees which will depend on the level of item you bought; the higher the level, the higher the fee.


Tap Sponsor Eagle

Sponsor Eagle visits you for a reason and that’s to give you gifts. It usually visits your pocket tuber and when it does appear, make sure to quickly tap it. You can receive views, subscribers and even a few Bux. Not only that but you can double or triple the gift you received when you’re willing to watch a short advertisement; Sponsor Eagle visit you every 6 to 9 minutes or so.

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