Picking Your Blogger Templates

There are those of us who have all these amazing ideas just waiting to burst out, we want to find ways to express ourselves. Some choose to the produce incredible artwork, others express themselves through dance and of course people who love a more subtle approach choose blogging. Sadly, not everyone who wants to design a blog can properly do so, not without on overflowing sense of style at least. It’s a good thing that we have something called a blogger template. A blogger template is kind of like this: here’s a cake so you don’t have to do any kind of baking, decorate it however you want and you can even add the sweets of your choice.

These blogger templates are like heaven sent for people who know exactly what to write in their blog but are not really that confident when it comes to designing the whole thing; the beauty of their work can be seen in the words. Of course even blogger templates can be difficult to handle especially if it’s your first time blogging. In case you do experience more trouble than you think it’s worth, you can always look for video tutorials online. Once you get hang of it, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store while choosing new themes and templates.



So basically, Nanopress is a user friendly, simple to use, customizable, quick to load, functional, magazine and publishing template for just about any blogger out there. Nanopress is completely responsive, it can handle any display size from the lowest to the highest resolutions; not only that but it also supports every modern browsers. Nanopress is SEO reader and is considered by many users as an amazing platform that helps them achieve high search rankings.

Some of Nanopress’ features include weather status, featured grids, slider, tabbed menu, multiple comment system, blogger templates, recent posts by label, auto author image, newsletter subscription, random posts, recent comments and related post support. Nanopress also supports YouTube thumbnail, offers a Google testing tool validator and Advanced Search Engine Optimization. When you purchase the premium Nanopress, you get additional benefits like advance and lifetime support guarantee.



Specially designed for bloggers who focus on magazine and news based content, Fasel is the ideal responsive blogger template. If you already have a template but you’re still looking for a brand new look to your blog then why look further? Fasel is designed to support various kinds of blog niches like personal blogs, lifestyle, decoration, multimedia, fashion, technology, travel and multimedia.

Fasel’s responsive design, offers complete support for just about any design and any device used for viewing. Fasel also offers unlimited theme colours, in case you’re not really feeling the default colours of the template, you can change after a few easy clicks. This blogger template lets the user choose a customized colour combination with the help of colour pickers; this could effectively make your blog stand out among the others who chose to only go for the default designs.

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