Pokemon Mapper, The Technology On Pokemon Go

Pokemon, the smartphone game, has introduced the a digital monster in the gaming world. The release, Niantic, is an unknown entity when it comes to the game development, yet, the game is popular in most of the towns across the world. The first lot to test the game were San Fransicans,, where the startup players were 100 employees, who developed the Pokemon game plus the Pokeman mapper.  The mapper enables the game to layer creatures which are digitally enabled over the real world environs.

The Pokemon Go CEO, John Hanke,  has been the brain child behind the mapping as it was his specialty (the mapping) as he is one of the developers  of Google Earth, which was acquired by Google in 2004.  He is a gamer, and has been able to make the game of mapping, a real world. Thus, he made it real by launching Niantic, which was incorporated in Google in 2010. It was only until last year that the Niantic spun off. Though it is trying to go solo, it is still an investment in Google, along with Pokemon Co and Nintendo.


Hanke has made it possible through discovering new places using locational tracking on your mobile The Pokemon mapper encourages players to congregate in specific locations so that they can find Pokemon. The main motive of the game developer was to make people to be aware of their surrounding unexpectedly.

What might kill the gaming in Pokemon Go is the way it drains power. Most players might not be willing to play the game to avoid their phone batteries go flat. This might be the case, especially in winter. The development of Pokemon Go lies behind the technology of mapping. So far, several people have approached the developers in order to give them the right to use his software for their own mapping projects. Anyone who wants to build a cloud of anything, where the object will have to fight with the others in different locations, this Pokeman mapper can come in handy to resolve that. It is either you use a large team of professionals or ask the permission of Mr. Hankle to use the Pokemon mapper technology.


When the Pokemon game started, people thought it was a fad which will fade immediately,but the way things are going, it is one game that might live with us for a very long time.  It is unique and its popularity is not showing any sign of dying soon.  When you want to play a different level from what you are playing, you have to make an effort of moving to a different location.

The Pokemon mapper is practical as it catches strategies as it provides interesting insights where you can find certain Pokemon. They will give you a definite location where a particular Pokemon hangs out, and you can decide to join . With other companies wanting to use the technology behind the Pokemon mapper is explained at Pokemon-Go-Hack.de, the Pokemon Go game has a long life and it might be here to stay forever.

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