Reasons To Learn Java

If you’re whole new to the world of programming or computer science, you might mix one term with the other. We commend you on your desire to learn something that confuses most people; one of the top reasons why I.T and Computer Science experts are high in demand. If you are planning to go through with your computer related career, you need to learn Java. It’s not really a choice though, Java is technically required in your career, you won’t be able to avoid it forever and why would you want to?

What Exactly is Java?

Before anything else, you need to know what Java is, when people mention ‘Java’ they’re actually pertaining to various things.


  1. Java is known as an object oriented programming language, it’s much like C++ or Smalltalk. When you choose to learn everything about Java, it can be likened to learning the proper grammar usage of any spoken language.
  2. Java programs are run by a Java Virtual Machine or JVM. The Java Virtual Machine can be used on various platforms; some of these platforms are Windows and Linux. So basically, you can use JVM on almost all the operating systems of any computer. The infrastructure of JVM is considered the vocal chords of any language.
  3. Java Application Programming Interfaces are the prebuilt classes which users can make use of in the programs that they’re developing. They’re technically free, much like other classes that are relevant to disk files, graphic interfaces and network sockets. Since we compared the java language to the grammar of spoken languages, we can compare the Java Application Programming Interfaces to dictionaries; filled with words that we use to create sentences and stories.

Java is Everywhere

If you really think about it, Java can be found almost anywhere, especially when you make a living out of programming you’re sure to come across it once in a while. Java can show up anywhere like on various web servers and Apache. For all those students out there, we encourage you to fully understand Java since it’s the lingua franca of computer programmers.


Java was Created for Everyone

Java was designed to be easy to use by everyone, especially beginner, so using Java will lead to less frustrations and self-pity as you code. It’s a high level language that does most of the work for the programmer, much like memory management. So programmers can dedicate their time in actual coding instead of focusing on the tedious details.

Also, Java is simple to maintain since it’s a statically-typed language; your entire code needs to be checked for any and all errors before it can be compiled into an app. This gives the programmers an easier time in tracking their errors and Java is much stricter with its definitions. Compare to other languages that are dynamically typed, Java is faster since everything is better defined. So this means that when the app is running, the resources of your machine are not put to waste in the checking of code definitions.

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