Regain The Glow Of Youth With Dermal Filler Injections

Dermal Fillers, also known as injectable fillers are soft tissue fillers which are injected into the skin in order to cure facial wrinkles and help in restoring a smoother appearance. They do not cure wrinkles permanently though, and work on a temporary basis as they are absorbed by the body which cause the wrinkles to reappear. For those who are willing to use this treatment process, it is important to know that the effect of dermal fillers last for about six months or longer depending on the quality of skin, type of skin, skills of the treatment providers and most importantly, the type of filler used. For more wrinkled skin, one may need more than one injection to obtain the desired amount of skin smoothing.

Fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid and collagens which are obtained from animals like pigs and cows or can be laboratory generated as well. The dermal fillers, just like the name suggests, works by filling the area under the skin leading to smoothing of the wrinkles. However, the use of fillers are not restricted to smoothing of skin only. It can also be used for improving imperfections like scars, plumping up cheeks and contouring jaw lines and other areas of the face.


In the USA, fillers are approved as medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration but in Europe and UK, fillers are non-prescription medical devices which can be injected by anyone who has the necessary license from the concerned medical authorities. This explains the less number of injectable fillers available in the US while in Europe there are more than 140 injectable fillers available.

This process, however, just like any other surgical process has its own risks and side effects if performed incorrectly. An incorrectly performed dermal filler procedure includes redness, pain or itching. In some rare cases there may even be allergic reactions which may require surgical correction. Hence, it is very important that the dermal filler procedure is performed correctly and accurately.


The people who undergo this process are always looking for doctors who have adequate amount of knowledge about the subject to perform the procedure, but dermatologists who have to take care of so many patients in a day may not always have the required time to perform the dermal filler procedure on the patients and the number of people who want to get this done is increasing day by day.This is why nowadays,dermal filler training courses for nurses are available which train them on how to carry out the procedure correctly and efficiently. After undertaking the course the nurses would be able to carry out the procedure independently and without the aid of a doctor.

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