Replacing Your Tooth

Many people require tooth replacement due to cavities or injuries or old age. There are two things that you can do, one is getting dentures and the other one is getting dental. We will talk about both of your tooth replacement options in this article so that you can decide which the best one for you is.Happy aged couple portrait

Dentures are a very good option if you want a cheaper option as they don’t completely replace your teeth but they take their place and do their job. You can take them out whenever you want and adjust them but people face a lot of problems using them as they are not completely fitted to our flesh but just acquire the shape. The will chew our food for us but require regular care or else they might get spoilt. You might have some problem getting used to it in the beginning but this is a great option considering how economical it is. There are complete and partial dentures which replace all your teeth or just a set of teeth. Though if you want the long lasting dentures then you need to stay toothless for around 3 weeks as they can be fitted into your mouth only after the gum heals after the removal of the required teeth.Fotolia_74128280_Subscription_Monthly_M-e1457462027185

The best option is to get implants if you have some teeth missing but these are pretty costly compared to dentures and they completely replace your tooth and it feels exactly the same. The implant is made of anything that doesn’t react with food particles. The implant is placed in placed of the removed tooth in the gum and it takes some time to completely combine with the cavity and after it has combined, the tooth cap is placed on top of the implant and this replaces the original tooth. There is just some post operation pain but other than that you won’t feel any difference.

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