Are Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Cards For You?

These days, there are so many banking institutions in the world that offer various financial services to the people. These financial services are definitely giving a lot of assistance from the consumers. One of the common financial services offered by banks nowadays is the credit card. And as far as credit cards are concerned, the Sainsbury’s Bank is certainly a renowned banking institution. The big question now is, are Sainsbury’s Bank credit cards for you? Let’s find out.

There are actually a number of credit cards that you can opt for in Sainsbury’s Bank. It has credit cards that can be used in balance transfer purposes, and there are also those credit cards that are intended for purchase purposes. Here are some of the examples of balance transfer credit cards:


Long Balance Transfer Credit Card

This credit card of Sainsbury’s Bank is the one that can be used for longer period of time, which is around 40 months. What’s the best about it is that you will never be worried about the interest since it has 0 percent interest.

Low Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card

This credit card also offer 0 percent interest to all card holders in transferring balances, and it can be used for 30 long months. As its name suggests, it has lower balance transfer fee that is around 1.5 percent.

And for the credit cards that can be used in purchase purposes, here are the best examples that you can avail:

Purchase Credit Card


This credit card can be used both in purchasing and in transferring balances. For 27 months, you can enjoy purchases without any interest with the use of this card. As for balance transfers, you can use it for 18 months with 0 percent interest.

Dual Offer Credit Card

For 24 months, you can use dual offer credit card in transferring balances with 0 percent interest. You can also use it in purchasing items 24 months without worrying for interest rate.

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