Small Company? You Still Need SEO!

Many small business owners have the mindset of not spending money for their online marketing, because they believe spending money on something intangible while completely overlooking the fact that this intangible thing is probably the strongest marketing tool there is right now. Smaller companies need to do SEO to outperform the large enterprises, because smaller companies need more promotion than the larger ones in competition. SEO is one of the best ways to promote a website to people. When someone searches for relevant topics in the search engine boxes, a company’s website must show up in the front page to positively affect the business. There are different methods of achieving that in the current days, but SEO is still one of the top-listed methods to get hold of. If pricing is a problem, we have compiled a list of best SEO company for small businesses which should help you get a competitive price for the first few months in your business endeavor.service-seo

Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

Here’s a list of 6 companies we would like you to know about.

  • Webpage FX: This company is based in Philadelphia, Penn State. Although Webpage FX has their main office located at Harrisburg, a website owner could avail their service from far away since these are all online. The marketing team in Webpage FX analyzes a company’s website and the potentials of marketing, and works accordingly to offer the best online marketing strategy.
  • Boostability: Boostability is the #1 SEO company in California, and many other lists the ranking always remains between 1 and 3. Boostability is very much professional in what they do, and if you need an online marketing company for the sole purpose of optimizing your company website to get the full benefits of online presence, then Boostability should be able to help you in the best possible way.
  • com: Based in New York, intend to provide expandable marketing strategies for websites that are mostly new in business, or for companies who had been around for long but didn’t have any effective online marketing strategy. Turning a casual online shopper into a buyer is the bigger challenge for most online companies, and has a reputation of taking this challenge with higher success rates.
  • Digital Current: Digital Current is based in Arizona and according to a very reputable list for the ranking assessment of SEO and online marketing companies, this company is the #2 in 2016. With higher search engine returns and great shopper-friendly website optimization strategies, Digital Current has the potential a small company requires at reasonable price.
  • Social Fix: Only SEO and no social media marketing will literally cause no impact on a company’s business in the current market scenario. People are so submerged into online social networking contacts these days, and these websites are the best spots where companies might drop their baits – to put it in a more straight forward way. Unless people get to see active presence of a company in the social networking sites, they would give second thoughts to a company regarding its authenticity and reputation.
  • Ignite Visibility: Ignite Visibility has the professionals that can realize a website’s solid estates and turn them into very useful online marketing tools. Of course this would take the employees of Ignite Visibility some workaround, but that’s why they are there. Apart from creating an SEO strategy for your website, they offer services like creating a website from the scratch, creating custom online marketing strategies etc.test5


All these companies have different priced plans for SEO optimization, and typically they charge on a monthly basis. If you are planning to get your small business great SEO services, then these are the best companies you should look into.

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